Distillery Tours in Nebraska

3 Must-Taste Spirits & Must-Experience Distillery Tours in Nebraska

Ready for a long road trip through America’s heartland? Are you interested in knowing locals’ favorite places for must-taste spirits and must-experience distillery tours in NebraskaStroll through this article and learn more about all the great things to taste and experience on your trip through Nebraska

Cooper’s Chase in West Point, Nebraska

This craft distillery is the first Nebraska distillery to open since Prohibition. It’s Nebraska’s first federal and state-licensed distillery, and it opened in 2009. They believe in small-batch spirits and those made from grains grown right in the state. Contact them for information on touring the distillery.  

Must-Taste Spirits

  • Cooper’s Chase Vodka – this is a gluten-free, small-batch vodka and their flagship spirit. Neat, on the rocks, or in a cocktail are all perfect for this one.
  • Cooper’s Chase Bourbon – it’s distilled, aged in charred oak barrels, and bottled onsite. You’ll notice flavors of vanilla and caramel.

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#1: Loup River Distilling in St. Paul, Nebraska

This is a grain-to-glass craft distillery that started in 2016. They were farmers who wanted to add value to their corn crop, and the distillery was born. All their spirits are corn-based. You can contact them for a tour. In addition, they have an elegant Barrel Room where you can host special events, birthdays, business meetings, and other gatherings. 

Must-Taste Spirits

  • Nebraska Straight Bourbon Whiskey – it’s a traditional barrel-aged American-style bourbon.
  • Howard Hooch – this is an unaged whiskey that’s less refined than barrel-aged whiskey. But make no mistake, it’s powerful and sometimes called “hooch, moonshine, white dog, or corn liquor.”
  • Good Life Gin – it’s made in the London Dry style and infused with aromatic botanicals.
  • Spring Creek Whiskey is s traditional barrel-aged American-style whiskey. The Spring Creek flows through their ranch, where they grow the corn to make this.
  • Loup Valley Vodka – while many vodkas are considered tasteless, this one is crisp, fresh, and full of flavor.

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#2: Cut Spike Distillery in La Vista, Nebraska

A relatively new craft distillery, their signature spirit is single malt whiskey. They purchased stills in Scotland, and they were off. Moreover, they followed up their whiskey with vodka, rum, and brandy, all small-batch spirits.

You will love not only the spirits but the experience at this distilleryIf you want to visit Cut Spike for a tour, they are available the first Saturday of every month at 4 pm. They do offer private tours and events – just contact them. Their tasting room is open six days a week at various times – check their website for schedules. While they don’t serve food, you can bring in outside food or have it delivered while you enjoy your drinks. 

Must-Taste Spirts

  • American Single Malt Whiskey – this small-batch whiskey sets itself apart because it’s made from premium grains and limestone-filtered water from the Nebraska sandhills. They also age it in charred American oak barrels.
  • Cask Strength 100 proof American Single Malt Whiskey – this one is hand-selected by their distillers. Each batch is unique to its individual oak cask. They choose the finest barrels and bottle this whiskey unproofed and unblended.
  • Cabernet Barrel American Single Malt Whiskey is also hand selected by their distillers, and each batch is again unique to its oak cask. They choose the finest barrels and finish the whiskey in French oak cabernet barrels. They also have a Spanish Sherry that is finished in Spanish sherry casks.
  • Maple Syrup Barrel American Single Malt Whiskey – this one is just like the previous two, except that it’s finished in freshly emptied maple syrup barrels.
  • Certified Evil Barrel American Single Malt Whiskey is just like the above but finished in oatmeal stout barrels from their partner brewery.
  • White Dog Moonshine has a delicate floral sweetness. This whiskey is collected unaged from their copper stills.
  • You’ll also find amazing vodka, rum, and brandy!

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#3: Soldier Valley Spirits in La Vista, Nebraska

This special craft distillery celebrates and honors U.S. veterans, and family is the core foundation of their business. The founders have also partnered with country singer and patriot Lee Greenwood to raise awareness and money for various veteran organizations. 

Soldier Valley is home to the Lee Greenwood signature spirits. They bottle their spirits in a canteen-shaped bottle embossed with the number six (we got your six – in other words, we got your backs) and include a dog tag with the letters LG. 

Must-Taste Spirts

  • Lee Greenwood Signature Bourbon Whiskey is already an award winner.
  • Omaha Beach Bourbon – this one honors D-Day and is a small batch blend of three bourbons aged at least four years.
  • Lee Greenwood True American Whiskey – this 86-proof whiskey is a nod to the American frontier and the hard-working people who liked whiskey with an edge. Drink this as a chilled shot or mixed with cola. 
  • Lee Greenwood True American Vodka is a gold medal winner, and it’s made from Midwest grains and water and distilled six times.
  • You’ll also find Amber Rum, Navy Rum, and many other whiskeys.

Their tasting room is open from Wednesday to Saturday. Also, they have tours available for six people to teach them about making their own whiskey, bourbon, or rum. Here, they then store the barrel for you until you decide it’s aged to perfection. There are also bottles available, and you can take your finished product home!

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Frequently Asked Questions 

What liquor will you find at Nebraska distilleries?

You can expect plenty of American single malt whiskey, vodka, rum, brandy, and other flavored spirits, as well as family-run operations with family recipes.

What is Nebraska’s most famous drink?

While it’s not liquor (although you could add vodka to it!), the most famous drink from Nebraska is Kool-Aid. Edwin Perkins developed it in Hastings, Nebraska. Moreover, he lived from 1889-1961. 

What are fun facts about Nebraska?

Much of our agricultural products come from this state, such as corn. There’s a lot of beef production in Nebraska, and it’s home to the College Baseball World Series and Warren Buffett. 

Must-Taste and Must-Experience What Nebraska Has to Offer

You are now well-equipped to start your distillery tours in Nebraska. With vast prairies and spacious farmlands, you not only get a peek at the beautiful scenery, but you can also visit family-owned craft distilleries in this majestic state.

If you want more information about the best distillery experiences in Nebraska or other places in the United States, please visit Distillerynearby.com. It’s your ultimate online source for whiskey, bourbon, vodka, gin, and other spirits. 

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