Award-Winning Distillery Experiences with Tennessee Whiskey Tours

We can’t wait to talk about Tennessee Whiskey Tours, and we bet that since you found us here at, you’re interested in whiskey. Tennessee has long been right there with the four main whiskey-making regions of the world: Scotland, Ireland, Kentucky, and TennesseeTennessee whiskey is known worldwide, so let’s look at the award-winning distillery experiences with Tennessee Whiskey Tours.  

Jack Daniel’s Distillery in Lynchburg, Tennessee

Jack Daniel’s uses Tennessee limestone spring water and makes their own charcoal for mellowing the whiskey. This Jack long ago found the perfect mix of corn, rye, and barley and hasn’t changed it since then. In addition to making their own barrels, they use a special process that includes letting the whiskey drip slowly through 10 feet of hard sugar maple charcoal. If you’ve ever wondered, this is where it gets its smoothness. You’ll learn all of this and more on your distillery tour. 

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Nelson’s Greenbriar Distillery in Nashville, Tennessee

This historic distillery is a family-run business that began with a 15-year-old German boy named Charles Nelson in 1835. In 2006, Bill, Andy, and Charlie Nelson saw the old distillery and reformed the same one that closed exactly 100 years earlier in 1909 during Prohibition. Additionally, visitors can learn about the distillery, the family, and the whiskey on the tour! You’ll also see a property that’s on the official National Register of Historic Places along with the original grain house and barrel house. 

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Corsair Distillery in Nashville, Tennessee

This craft distillery was founded in 2008. Interestingly, it became the first craft distillery in Nashville since Prohibition! The spirits from this distillery have won over 800 medals at national and international competitions. Moreover, their tours are as unique as their distillery. And you can also visit their taprooms.

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Company Distilling (Formerly H Clark Distillery) in Thompson’s Stadium, Tennessee

One of Tennessee’s newest distilleries, this quaint operation 40 minutes south of Nashville is the first legal operation in Williamson County in a century. When it opened in 2009, it was one of three craft distilleries in the state. You’ll appreciate this tour to learn more about their whiskey and distillery.

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Short Mountain Distillery in Woodbury, Tennessee

This tour looks at how authentic Tennessee whiskey is produced. You’ll learn about their history and enjoy tastings. Their gorgeous land is home to a 400-acre working farm. You can even learn about how they use organic permaculture and the Cooper Cave Spring trial. They age their own American white oak barrels for four years in their 100-year-old barn for added flavor.

They distill, bottle, and label their whiskey right there. You can also enjoy food at the farm-to-table restaurant. 

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Prichard’s Distillery in Kelso, Tennessee

The distillery is five generations old, and their tours are laid back – you just show up. This is a not-to-miss piece of history. An interesting tour, Prichard’s is committed to handcrafted whiskey. They produce true, pot-stilled whiskey that is distilled in the style of master distillers from yesteryear. Their recent bottle is a recreation of a handblown early American bottle made from amber glass. 

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Cascade Hollow Distilling Co. in Tullahoma, Tennessee (Formerly George Dickel)

Whiskey has been distilled in the hills of Cascade Hollow for generations. The story of George Dickel and Cascade Hollow goes back to the late 1800s. Today, you can learn all about the history and George Dickel Whiskey.

On this tour, you’ll learn about the Single Barrel program and even sample George Dickel 150-year single barrels and take a bottle home. You’ll have a distillery tour and an overview of George Dickel’s history and distillation process. This tour is a step into history and Prohibition.

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Pennington Distilling Co. in Nashville, Tennessee

This distillery began in 2011 and is an independent distillery producing small-batch premium spirits. As a part of the Tennessee Whiskey Tour, you’ll experience every part of the process. Not only will you learn how the grind the grain, but you’ll learn everything in between, as well as the bottling process. You end your tour with a tasting and a trip to their bottle and gift shop.

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Old Glory Distilling Company in Clarksville, Tennessee

A small batch artisan distillery, Old Glory uses grains from local farmers, and they grind, cook, ferment, distill, and age all of their Tennessee whiskey right on site. During your tour, you’ll learn all about the process as well as the oak barrels used to age the whiskey. Dedicated to handcrafting each drink you take, you’ll love seeing a craft distiller in action.

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Nashville Craft Distillery in Nashville, Tennessee

When you visit this distillery, you’ll find handcrafted whiskeys that are made from scratch in-house by their own distilling team. Made in the heart of music city, near downtown Nashville, you’ll love their scratch spirits. This unique distillery was founded in 2016. They use local and regional ingredients and give tours led by the distillers. Learn about how they ferment and distill their spirits.

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Leiper’s Fork Distillery in Franklin, Tennessee

This distillery, born in 2016 in the hills of middle Tennessee, is a small-batch whiskey distillery. Their mission is to resurrect the lost art of small-batch whiskey production. They pride themselves on creating low-volume and low-impact whiskey. The smaller scale lets them focus on creating signature, quality spirits. You can count on their whiskeys always being 100% made, distilled, aged, and bottled by human hands. 

They produce 25,000 gallons of whiskey yearly – a testament to their goal of staying a small-batch whiskey distillery.

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Here are a few common FAQs and answers about Tennessee Whiskey Tours.

How long are the tours?

They are about six to seven hours and much more fun than a workday!

Should people book in advance?

Absolutely. Tours fill quickly.

I don’t drink. Will I like the tour?

Yes. The tours are fun and educational.

Can kids come along?

No, the tours are for adults only.

Do the tour buses have bathrooms?

No, they don’t. The tour is only on the bus for about one and a half hours.

What about lunch?

The tour stops at prearranged eating spots. Sometimes, you can explore food options at a prearranged stopping point. You can also pack a lunch, and they store it for you. 

To Conclude

With the ultimate guide to the award-winning distillery experiences with Tennessee Whiskey tours, you are now well-equipped to book now and plan your visit. Do note that the best distilleries on the Tennessee Whiskey Tour are “secret.” One tour visits and tastes at three distilleries. They rotate the distilleries for each tour. The rolling hills and breathtaking scenery of Tennessee await you. Take an educational dive into these spirits, learn all about Tennessee whiskey, and have a trip to remember for a lifetime. 

At, we are your ultimate online source for Tennessee distillery tours. It’s just a phone call or a click away!

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