15 Best New York Distilleries We Highly Recommend

15 Best New York Distilleries We Highly Recommend

Whether you love whiskey, gin, vodka, wine, or beer, visiting a distillery is a truly magical experience. If you’re ready to dive into the best of what New York has to offer, stick around to learn more about these iconic New York distilleries, and dive head first into an unforgettable drinking experience.

Great Jones Distilling Co.

686 Broadway, New York, NY 10012

Great Jones Distillery established itself as the first legal whiskey distillery in Manhattan since the prohibition.

This awe-inspiring and surprisingly snug distillery is nestled between the walls of an almost 85-year-old building on Broadway, and years after its inception, it still keeps people talking.

The distillery itself is around 28,000 square feet, and of course, still active. You can explore the main restaurant, the tasting bar upstairs, a basement speakeasy, or a third-floor lounge loaded with tapped barrels.

This lounge is typically used for private events, and you can mix various styles of bourbon together to create your own drink.

Widow Jane Distillery

218 Conover St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

Next up, we have the Widow Jane Distillery. The vaults inside Widow Jane are home to some of the oldest and rarest bourbon you’ll ever drink, and the distillery itself produces whiskey straight from the factory while also working with some of the most reputable, high-profile distilleries in America.

This artisanal distillery boasts a retail shop, distillery tours, and its very own tasting room, so you can take a deep dive into the weird and wonderful world of Widow Jane. Expect everything from traditional whiskey to more unusual flavors.

Tuthilltown Spirits

14 Grist Mill Ln, Gardiner, NY 12525

Tuthilltown Spirits is one of New York’s most iconic distilleries, nestled in 36 acres of stunning countryside in Gardiner, on the outskirts of NY. At this distillery, you’ll find everything from unaged corn whiskey, gin, and vodka, right up to Hudson Whiskey, Bourbon, and bitters.

Hudson Whiskey is the most popular attraction, famous for its bold, punchy flavors and distilled from high-quality local grain.

The distillery was first established 230 years ago with the construction of the Tuthilltown Gristmill, making this the ideal distillery for those who love a tasty drink, as well as some impressive history.

You can enjoy the beauty of the Tuthilltown home, and take part in a tour, a guided tasting, and even a cocktail workshop, where you can put your mixology skills to the test!

Van Brunt Stillhouse

6 Bay St Fl. 1 Brooklyn, NY 11231

The Van Brunt Stillhouse is a beautiful artisanal distillery that prides itself on diverging from tradition. Their very own stillhouse bourbon is one of the most iconic bourbons you’ll ever drink, made from 65% organic NY corn and wheat.

When you visit the Van Brunt Stillhouse, you’ll also get the chance to explore its tasting room and cocktail bar, where you can dive into the tastes of spicy rye whiskey and smooth wheat bourbon, vodka, campfire hot toddy with clove bitters, and many more.

This is widely considered one of the best-tasting experiences in New York, so be sure to put it on your list.

Dutch’s Spirits

98 Ryan Rd, Pine Plains, NY 12567

Dutch’s Spirits can be found on a 400-acre farm in the Hudson Valley plains. Dutch’s Spirits offers a one-of-a-kind distillery experience, serving everything from great tastes, to breathtaking views.

At Dutch’s Spirits, you can try everything from specialty cocktails, beer and cider, wine, and plenty of delicious tasting room bites, including slow-roasted pork belly, cauliflower flatbread, and candied nuts. One thing’s for sure – you won’t be going hungry (or thirsty) at Dutch’s!

Standard Wormwood Distillery

68 34th St, Brooklyn, NY 11232

Now, let’s take a look at the Standard Wormwood Distillery. Standard Wormwood Distillery is known for breaking conventions, and pushing the boundaries of what we think about classic liquors.

Standard Wormwood has created its own unique distillation method to create liquors with bitter profiles, and you can try them all in the tasting room bar.

You can try the distillery’s own unique blends, experience twists on traditional drinks, and kick back in their beautiful outdoor courtyard, which is not to be missed.

New York Distilling Co.

79 Richardson St, Brooklyn, NY 11211

The New York Distilling Co. is one of the nation’s most celebrated distilleries, and it’s known for producing some truly impressive flavors.

Some of the New York Distilling Co.’s most recognizable drinks include The Dorothy Parker, bursting with floral and citrus notes, and the Perry’s Tot – one of the most aromatic and smooth gins you’ll ever taste.

When you visit the distillery, you can experience a tour of The Shanty and grab yourself a cocktail, gin, wine, or beer while you’re there.

Alternatively, you can grab yourself any one of their iconic drinks from plenty of shops and websites across the country!

Orange County Distillery

286 Maple Ave, Goshen, NY 10958

The Orange County Distillery is one of the most iconic farm distilleries in the country. This farm-to-bottle distillery grows every ingredient needed to produce their quality spirits, so one look at their fields will reveal everything in your glass.

15 Best New York Distilleries We Highly Recommend

At Brown Barn Farms, the branch location of the distillery, you’ll find plenty of spirits and fresh cocktails to enjoy, plus an abundance of beers, ciders, and wines produced throughout New York.

If you’re all about the atmosphere, you’ll love it here – with live music, a food truck, and plenty of outdoor seating to boot, this is one distillery you need to visit!

Prohibition Distillery

10 Union St, Roscoe, NY 12776

Prohibition Distillery is home to the classic Bootlegger 21 New York Vodka. The Prohibition Distillery (now known as DoGood Spirits), is bursting with history and pride, despite the rebrand.

If you visit the distillery, you’ll see plenty of symbols like the poppy and Florian cross (representative of WW1 and firefighters), and of course, you’ll be able to taste plenty of their classic spirits in their tasting room and take part in an incredibly educational tour.

From vodka and gin to bourbon and whiskey cream, there’s something for everyone here.

Fort Hamilton Distillery & Tasting Room

68 24th Building 6, 2nd Floor, 11232

Fort Hamilton Distillery and Tasting Room is bursting with complex whiskey, including their single barrel rye, distilled from 90% NY rye grain and 10% malted barley.

At Fort Hamilton, you can see the distillation process, and even make your own bottle of whiskey! Plus, you’ll get to taste it too.

The Fortress can even be rented out for intimate private events, and its snug, cozy atmosphere is the ideal setting for almost any event.

You can even make some of the Fort’s most iconic drinks, including Maple Old Fashioned and Liberty or Death. This is an immersive distillery experience for drink lovers everywhere.

Kings County Distillery

299 Sands St, Brooklyn, NY 11205

Kings County Distillery is the city’s oldest and largest whiskey distillery, and it’s famous for its handmade bourbon, rye, and other whiskeys. Its taste house is situated in an 1896 Brooklyn Navy Yard, and here, you can taste beers, cocktails, wine, and more, 7 days a week.

The tour walks through the history and production of these drinks, and what sets Kings County apart from the rest. You’ll learn how to identify and analyze whiskey, and see the processes for yourself. Atmospheric, chic, and tasty, we can’t recommend this enough.

Nahmias Et Fils

201 Saw Mill River Rd, Yonkers, NY 10701

This distillery is home to some classic whiskeys and drinks, including Spirit of Yonkers and Mahia. Drinks like the Mahia still use traditional recipes dating back to 1900, preserving the tastes, flavors, and spirit of some of the most iconic drinks.

These drinks are ideal for anyone who enjoys a unique, authentic, and exotic spin on the classics, but the tour can be enjoyed by all.

Port Morris Distillery

780 E 133rd St, Bronx, NY 10454

Port Morris can be found in the heart of the Bronx, and it’s probably the Pitorro (a Puerto Rican specialty spirit) that’ll draw you here.

This Puerto Rican moonshine is native to Puerto Rico, and the distillery’s founders use their family recipe to create a bold, tasty spirit that’s loved throughout the nation.

Head down to Port Morris to taste this delightful spirit for yourself, or just immersive yourself in its eclectic, atmospheric vibe.

Denning’s Point Distillery

10 N Chestnut St, Beacon, NY 12508

Denning’s Point Distillery is the home of some of the finest artisanal spirits in the country. The distillery is based on a unique production space in Beacon, NY, and specializes in whiskey, gin, bourbon, brandy, gin, and vodka.

All of these drinks are available in a stunning 19th-century building, and each drink is bursting with its own unique depth and character. Each drink uses grains and fruit sourced from local farms, and you can taste plenty for just $5, in a dog-friendly environment!

Moto Spirits Distillery

93 Forrest St, Brooklyn, NY 11206

At Moto Spirits, these rice-based whiskeys and spirits are inspired by tasty discoveries found on motorcycle trips throughout the world. You can taste whiskey and jabuka (both aged and unaged), all in a unique environment.

You can even buy some of these beautiful drinks, including cocktails, in their own little cocktail gift boxes. Tours are available in the tasting room, where you’ll be served some of the tastiest drinks imaginable, and you’ll also get to explore the main distilling room and see where all the magic happens.

Moto Spirits is a great experience that all cocktail and whiskey lovers should have on their bucket list!

The Bottom Line

If you’ve found yourself in the big city, you’ll have plenty of distilleries to choose from. Whether you want a farm-style distillery or somewhere in the heart of the Bronx, you’ll find plenty of exceptionally unique drinks and tours that will keep you coming back for more.

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