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Book These 7 Bourbon Festivals on Your Calendar for 2024

Going to a bourbon festival is like supercharging the Kentucky Bourbon Trail. Instead of having to pick and choose, you can visit and taste the offerings from all of the best distilleries. It is like a mini distillery tour as you make your way through the vendor booths. Many festivals also offer enhanced experiences, such as cocktails, history, and making guides. This is the ultimate guide to the best bourbon festivals taking place in 2024. 

1. St. Louis Bourbon Festival

The St. Louis Bourbon Festival has something for everyone. Head inside the Lemp Mansion for personalized tasting experiences. Or stroll around the outdoor festival grounds to see the live music, craft vendors, and local food trucks. Your tasting experience can be tailored to what interests you most, from cocktails to the ultimate guide through the history of bourbon. Perhaps you would love to learn about the culinary pairings suggested by the best distilleries. For a unique experience, consider buying tickets for the Sazerac VIP experience. You’ll be able to enjoy specialty tastings, limited-edition cocktails, and exclusive events. Over 100 bourbon distilleries participate, making it the ultimate distillery tour experience. 

2. Kentucky Bourbon Festival

Taking place in Bardstown, KY, the Kentucky Bourbon Festival is the ultimate festival hosted by the Bourbon Capital of the World. When it began, it was a small tasting experience, and it has grown over the last 30 years into a world-known bourbon event. Over 50 of the best distilleries participate annually. It is like the ultimate guide to the bourbon distilleries. Just head to the distillers’ row and talk with the people behind your favorite bourbon. You can also check out the cigar lounge, festival store, and bourbon bar. A performance stage ensures there is plenty of entertainment throughout the event. 

3. New Orleans Bourbon Festival

Enjoy a unique experience in March at the New Orleans Bourbon Festival. The Big Easy hosts this four-day event that includes bourbon tastings, culinary experiences, and learning opportunities. The event kicks off with the bourbon brawl. Top bartenders compete to create unique and creative cocktails. There’s a two-day seminar that is the ultimate guide to bourbon with guided tastings, cocktail classes, discussion panels, a history of bourbon, and food pairings. You can also go on a distillery tour with the best distilleries in the country. 

4. Bourbon and Beyond

Taking place at the Highland Festival Grounds in Louisville, KY, the Bourbon and Beyond festival is one of the largest bourbon festivals in the country. There are two stages hosting local and nationally known bands throughout the entire event. Or you can take a stroll around the event and stop at one of the many bars and enjoy a few cocktails. Some of the best distilleries in the country also have booths. Tickets for full weekend general admission, VIP experiences, and hotel packages are available. You can download the event’s official app to stay up to date on the very latest concert lineup and other information. 

5. Atlanta Bourbon Festival

Taking place in November, the Atlanta Bourbon Festival gives you an immersive experience into the world of bourbon. The event acts as the ultimate guide to the best distilleries in the country. From tastings to cocktails, there is something for everyone. Tickets range in price from $45 to $70, depending on when you buy your tickets. There are also VIP packages available. With over 50 bourbons to taste, this bourbon festival is the perfect event for a distillery tour. There will be live music, food vendors, and craft beer to enjoy. 

6. Bourbon Classic

The Bourbon Classic is so much more than a festival. It is the ultimate guide for blending bourbon craft cocktails and elevated culinary experiences. You can participate in tastings and mixology workshops. The event takes place in Louisville, so you are right in the heart of Bourbon Country. There are three days of event activities, with ticketed events happening each day. This is a sophisticated event, so check the dress code before you go. 

7. Grove City Bourbon & Spirits Festival

Learn from the distilleries themselves at the Grove City Bourbon & Spirits Festival. Taking place in August in Grove City, OH, this is your chance to learn from the experts. To participate, you purchase tickets for tastings. You get eight tickets for $30; then, after your initial purchase, the tickets are three for $10. Most of the bourbons available for tasting are one ticket per taste. However, some limited edition bourbons require more tickets. You can buy festival tickets well in advance and at the event. 

Planning to Visit Bourbon Festivals 

Many of these bourbon festivals take place over the course of multiple days. Because of this, you may want to book a hotel and arrange for transportation in advance. That way, you can fully enjoy your bourbon experience. Do not risk your safety or others’ by drinking and driving. 

FAQs About Bourbon

What place is known for bourbon?

Kentucky is the most well-known place for bourbon. This is where bourbon was first distilled and developed. It is also home to the most extensive collection of bourbon distilleries. You can visit them by traveling along the Kentucky Bourbon Trail. 

So, how many people attend the Kentucky Bourbon Festival?

About 50,000 people attend the Kentucky Bourbon Festival. It is one of the largest bourbon festivals in the country. Many of the most well-known bourbon distilleries attend. 

What state drinks the most bourbon?

It should be no surprise that Kentucky is the state with the largest consumption of bourbon. It is the official birthplace and home to bourbon distilleries. While many locals drink bourbon, a significant number of people visit Kentucky and enjoy participating in bourbon-tasting experiences. 

Why is Jack Daniel’s not bourbon?

Jack Daniel’s is whiskey, but not bourbon. It does not meet the requirements to be classified as bourbon. While all bourbons are whiskey, not all whiskeys qualify to be called bourbon. 

Why is Kentucky the best place for bourbon?

Kentucky is the best place for distilling bourbon because of its nutrient-rich soil. It is climate is also ideal for growing corn, the primary ingredient in bourbon. 

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