Where to Find Barrels to Buy

Where to Find Barrels to Buy

Are you looking for barrels to buy for your distillery? Or, are you looking for barrels for home décor? While barrels usually hold whiskey, there are other uses for the prized whiskey barrel. In this article, we uncover where to find barrels to buy for your home or your distillery. What Kind of Barrel Should I […]

Tennessee Distilling

Explore the Long, Rich History of Tennessee Distilling

Tennessee distilling has a long, rich history that extends back to the settlement of America. While it has faced trials and tribulations over the years, the whiskey industry has become an internationally recognized force. Today, Tennessee has over 3 million barrels of whiskey in inventory. This stored whiskey is valued at over $5 billion. Explore […]

Vodka Proofs

Check Out This List Of Top Vodka Proofs

If you’re a diehard enthusiast, you likely never shy away from enjoying beverages with high alcohol content like vodka proofs. But how will you know if your favorite vodka is a higher or lower-than-normal proof? Most vodka brands generally have high levels of ethanol, averaging 45% alcohol by volume (ABV.) To determine the proof, we […]

Barrell Bourbon Batch 033

Barrell Bourbon Batch 033: What Today’s Fans Need To Know

It’s always exciting when a brand-new bourbon from an independent bottler hits the market. Barrell Craft Spirits, renowned for its quality brews, has impressed drinkers with its Barrel Bourbon Batch 033. Officially released in July 2022, this full-flavored copper-colored bourbon gave tasters and the media much to rave about.  Cigar & Spirits Magazine awarded the […]