From Whiskey to Vodka: Exploring the Best Bottles for Every Type of Liquor

Raise your glasses, because we’re about to embark on a journey through the best bottles for spirits. From the rich and smoky notes of whiskey to the crisp and clean taste and mixability of vodka. We’re here to help you navigate the vast selection of liquor and discover the best bottles for liquor to pair […]

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Which US State Makes the Best Craft Gin?

Before finding the best craft distillery near you, you’ll want to consider which craft spirit has the most character and offers a variety of sipping experiences. Of course, choosing the best spirit is a bit subjective. What one person enjoys may not be entirely your cup of tea. However, most craft spirits enthusiasts can agree […]

Why is Gin so popular?

Gin is one of the most well known and popular spirits in the world. It’s found in nearly every culture with many variants and cocktails. From a refreshing Gin and Fizz, to a sophisticated French 75, this spirit has a plethora of mixing opportunities found nearly anywhere on the planet. This begs the question: why […]

How Is Gin Made? Historic Gin-Making vs. Today

Let’s talk about gin-making traditions and processes. Today’s gin is a distilled alcohol, and it always has the aroma and flavor of the juniper berry. By law, it must include juniper, but it can also have other botanicals. The word gin comes from the Dutch word for juniper, which is jenever. In French, it is […]

Gin Is Often Called the ‘Healthiest’ Alcohol. Here’s Why

What if you could experience multiple health benefits while also enjoying a delicious cocktail? Choosing a healthy alcohol can allow you to make healthy lifestyle changes without giving up drinking. That way, you can still enjoy going to events, hanging out with friends, or drinking a cocktail at happy hour. Gin’s health benefits are varied […]

15 Iconic Cocktails You Can Make with Gin

Gin can trace its origins back to the 11th century, and its popularity continues to grow today, making it a favorite for a variety of iconic cocktails. The distinctive gin flavor you are accustomed to comes from the juniper berry. Gin is a distilled alcoholic drink loved by people worldwide.  Initially a medicinal liquor, it […]