Central Kentucky Tours Offers Incredible Bourbon Tours in Historic Kentucky

History Kentucky awaits you when you schedule a bourbon tour with Central Kentucky Tours. As an official Kentucky Bourbon Trail sponsor, you can explore the very heart of bluegrass country. Rolling hills, historical sites, gorgeous scenery, and bourbon…what could be better?

Located in Mercer County, Kentucky, Central Kentucky Tours is your one-stop for some of the best bourbon toursTake a look at this ultimate guide to Central Kentucky Tours offers incredible bourbon tours in historic Kentucky, and we’re exploring them in this article.

1. Barrel to Bottle Tour

This popular tour journeys through historic Harrodsburg, which was settled in 1774. It’s the oldest permanent settlement west of the Allegheny Mountains. Next, you head on through Perryville, where the largest Civil War battle in Kentucky occurred in 1862.

After that, you take a scenic drive to Lebanon. There you stop at the Independent Stave Company/Kentucky Cooperage. Here you tour one of the largest bourbon barrel makers in the world. See how the barrels are assembled, charred, and ready to age. 

Next, you’ll follow the Kentucky Bourbon Trail and the Kentucky Bourbon Trail® Craft Tour in the order the distilleries are listed below. You eat lunch at Maker’s Mark while you have a chance to dip a bottle in the famous red wax. Your tour finishes in Harrodsburg for dinner around 4:45 pm.

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Limestone Branch Distillery in Lebanon, Kentucky

Seventh-generation distillers, and founders Stephen and Paul Beam, trace their lineage back to Jacob Beam. He was a farmer who sold his first barrels of corn whiskey in 1795. Explore more than 200 artifacts from their family’s history, the distillery, and tastings.

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Maker’s Mark Distillery in Loretto, Kentucky

A National Historic Landmark, Maker’s Mark began with the only copy of the family’s tried and true 170-year-old bourbon recipe. Once found, Bill Samuels, Sr., promptly burned it. After experimenting with different flavoring grains, Samuels swapped out the traditional rye grain and ended up with soft, red winter wheat. This gives the bourbon the delicate sweetness that makes Maker’s so good. See how they hand-rotate every barrel and hand-dip every bottle! You’ll love the charming setting right on Hardin’s Creek.

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Wilderness Trail in Danville, Kentucky

This craft distillery started in 2012 after years of research. It offers tours that highlight the science behind the spirit-making. They show you how they use local grains and their signature sweet mash fermentation process.

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2. Bourbon in the Bluegrass Tour

This tour begins with a short scenic drive through beautiful bluegrass country. Next, you’ll have tours and tastings at three distilleries in the order listed below. You stop for lunch at one of your tour guide’s favorite restaurants, and it concludes around 5 pm. Woodford Reserve Distillery in Versailles, Kentucky

The oldest operating distillery today, and another National Historic Landmark, the first bourbon-making occurred here in 1812. You can feel the history at this distillery. Learn about their history, sources of their fantastic flavor, the bottling process, and more, right in the middle of Kentucky horse country.

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Buffalo Trace in Frankfort, Kentucky

Its history reaches back to the early 1880s, yet you can see some of the buildings still standing today. You’ll learn about over 200 years of history while visiting this distillery. The distillery has won many national and international awards, including Visitor Attraction of the Year and Distiller of the Year. With an arboretum and botanical gardens on their land, you’ll learn about many things, including their history and bourbon.

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Four Roses Distillery in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky

The name “Four Roses” came about when founder, Paul Jones, fell in love with a southern belle. He asked her to marry him. And she told him she would let him know at the upcoming grand ball. When she arrived, she had a corsage of four red roses on her gown. So, he named his bourbon “Four Roses. This distillery has been operating since the late 1800s, and you learn more on this tour.

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3. Heritage Tour

First, enjoy a scenic drive through Mercer County and see Bardstown, voted the “most beautiful small town in America.” Your first stop is the Jim Beam Distillery. Then you drive back to Bardstown for lunch at one of the great restaurants. After Heaven Hill, you stop at Willet’s Distillery. Finally, you head back to Harrodsburg and Shaker Village.

Jim Beam Distillery in Clermont, Kentucky

The world’s number one producer of Jim Beam, you have plenty of time for a tour and even shopping while at the distilleryFor two centuries, Beam has been the birthplace of bourbon. It all started in 1795, and you can take a peek on this tour.

Heaven Hill Distillery in Bardstown, Kentucky

Another stop on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail®, you’ll find the world’s largest independent, family-owned Bourbon distillery, producing 1,300 barrels a day. Established in 1935, Heaven Hill filled their first bottles in 1939, when the bourbon was properly aged. After that, the owners released Old Heaven Hill Bottled-in-Bond Bourbon. Enjoy shopping, and see a display of the history of bourbon on this tour.

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Willett’s Distillery in Bardstown, Kentucky

In 1936, Thompson Willett founded Willett Distillery. And it continues to be a family-run business today. In 2017, they celebrated the 80-year anniversary celebrating when Thompson Willett and his family put their first barrels into storage.

The history is immense when you visit this pillar of bourbon in Kentucky. You’ll see how they have restored the grounds, distillery buildings, warehouses, and more, including their spring-fed lakes and turn-of-the-century belt and pulley fan systems.

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FAQ & Central Kentucky Tours

Here are some common FAQs and answers about Central Kentucky Tours.

What’s the big deal about a bourbon tour?

Kentucky is a beautiful state with a rich history deeply tied to the bourbon industry. It’s a little piece of Americana mixed in with history, fun, and tastes of bourbon.

Who leads the tours?

All their guides are lifelong Kentuckians with years of experience leading tours.

Why choose Central Kentucky Tours?

They are one of only three official Kentucky Bourbon Trail Sponsors, so they are uniquely qualified.

Can I schedule a private tour?

Absolutely – we offer both private and public tours.

What should I wear?

Wear closed-toe shoes and something comfortable. In summer, it will be really hot, so be prepared.

To Conclude

Ready to hit the road with Central Kentucky Tours? You now have the information you need to get started on your trip to breathtaking bluegrass country in Kentucky. With the ultimate guide to the award-winning distillery experiences with Central Kentucky Tours, history and heritage await you. The bourbon is calling, and it’s time to go. 

At Distillerynearby.com, we are your ultimate online source for Central Kentucky Tours. It’s just a phone call or a click away!

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