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Colorado offers much more than their Rocky Mountains and breathtaking landscapes. For decades, the Centennial State has been one of the leading craft beer destinations in the country. Home to nearly 100 distilleries and extensive trails offering fun tours of complex production lines, the state is a must-go destination for anyone who loves spirits. Favorites here include, gin, spirits, whiskey, and other liqueurs. The Colorado spirit trail offered by Denver Local Tours is a fun way to discover and experience all the distilleries. Explore those that intersect with your travels across the state. Here’s a list of top Colorado distilleries to visit with Denver Local Tours. 

Eight distilleries in Colorado to visit with Denver Local Tours

Colorado’s distillery landscape is spread across the entire state. See the landscape, from cities like Denver and Colorado Springs to suburbs, small towns, and ski areas such as Vail and Aspen. The following are eight distilleries in Colorado to visit with Denver Local Tours:

1. 10th Mountain Whiskey & Spirits Company

Address: 227 Bridge St, Vail, CO 81657

Named after the 10th Mountain Division, a mountain warfare unit in the US Army, 10th Mountain Whiskey & Spirits is a small philanthropic distillery. There, they serve award-winning bourbon, rye whiskey, vodka, and cocktails. Step inside their Vail Village tasting room, featuring a cozy interior with brick, reclaimed wood accents, and furniture surrounded by old ski paraphernalia. The regalia is a permanent reminder of the 10th Mountain Division soldiers who trained in the mountains of Vail before combat in World War II. Sample some rye, vodka, and bourbon. You’ll also enjoy the special Aplenglow cordial infused with sage, peach, and vanilla and experience first-hand what goes into their production. 10th Mountain is an ideal destination for après skiing and those who want to soothe themselves with something other than a hot tub. 

2. Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey

Address: 200 S Kalamath St, Denver, CO 80223

Nestled on Mile High is Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey, offering guided tours to guests. The distillery uses malted barley, yeast, and Rocky Mountain water to create hand-produced, small-batch, single-malt whiskey. Their notable brands include Snowflake, a limited-release whiskey produced by aging batches in American oak barrels for at least two years. You can visit their lounge to sample various cocktail servings and whiskey flight. Guests can also book various tours, including custom tours focusing on cask finishing. Other types of events are happening here, including cocktail classes and whiskey pairing lessons.  

3. Mile High Spirits

Address: 2201 Lawrence St, Denver, CO 80205

Mile High Spirits features a range of whiskey, bourbon, and other beverages such as gin, vodka, tequila, and rum. Their popular Fireside Old Fashioned spirit is created using best-in-class Fireside Bourbon and other ingredients such as fresh orange peels, natural cherry, and Angostura bitters. Apart from serving great cocktails, their Tasting Room is a spot to enjoy great music. Dance to DJs and live music throughout the weekend and bluegrass on Sundays. 

4. Tighe Brothers Distillery 

Address: 4200 Milwaukee Street

Tighe Brothers Distillery is owned by two siblings, Paul and Danny. The distillery is the proud maker of whiskey bourbon, rye whiskey, vodka, gin, and single malt wheat whiskey. Their single malt whiskey has a combined taste of caramel, butterscotch, licorice, and fennel. Tighe Brothers offer a 45-minute tasting and tour, giving an inside peek into the sacred happenings that go into producing each bottle. Their cocktail menu boasts creative concoctions like Hannah’s Lemonade comprising lemon-infused vodka, muddled lemon wedge, raspberry puree, and mint.

5. Rising Sun Distillery

Address: 1330 Zuni Street, Unit J 

Rising Sun Distillery leverages local ingredients and a traditional menu to make old-fashioned spirits, including rye whiskey, bourbon whiskey, gin, and vodka. They offer guided distillery tours to give guests a rare look into their production facility and an overview of how the spirits are crafted. Once the tour is complete, you can taste up to ten of their spirits and purchase a few bottles as souvenirs. 

6. Colorado Gold Distillery

Address: 4242 N Nevada Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80907

Colorado Gold Distillery is a craft spirits producer located in Colorado Springs and another reason why Colorado distillery tours are so much fun. Some of their notable brands include Colorado Gold Rocky, Mountain Rye Whisky, Colorado Gold Straight Bourbon, and Colorado High Mtn Vodka. The distillery is an ideal destination for those searching for an authentic feel of distillery culture in the Centennial State. They have a long-standing tradition of making tasty whiskeys and vodkas from grain to grass in a single barrel and one batch at a time. A tour of the facility allows you to experience the production process firsthand and sample healthy shots of Colorado-style spirits.

7. Distillery 291

Address: 1647 S Tejon St, Colorado Springs, CO 80905

Distillery 291 is a small distillery in Colorado Springs offering premium tours, tasting flights, and special events. Although it is a micro-distillery, the facility has been causing notable ripples across the industry thanks to their ward winning Colorado Rye aged in oak barrels. A visit to the facility allows you to explore and experience their best-selling whiskeys, including one-of-a-kind special release bottles rarely available outside of their distillery. You will also get a chance to learn more about the craft industry.

8. Breckenridge Distillery

Address: 1925 Airport Rd, Breckenridge, CO 80424

Sitting on the great mountains of Colorado is Breckenridge Distillery, the proud maker of award-winning bourbon, vodka, and spirits. At 9,600 ft elevation, the distillery is known for being the “Highest Distillery in the World.” A trip to the facility treats you to spectacular views of breathtaking Colorado landscapes and rare opportunities to be part of the craft-making process. The distillery offers guests a VIP experience where you learn more about the inner workings of how hand-crafted spirits are made. You will also enjoy a great time in their tasting room and good food at their on-site American restaurant. 

FAQs Colorado distillery tours

How many distillers are in Colorado?

Colorado has over 90 distillers making a range of alcoholic beverages, from whiskey and craft beers to gin and vodka.

Which is the oldest distillery in Colorado?

Stanahan’s is Colorado’s oldest craft whiskey distillery. Founded in 2004, Stanahan’s was the first distillery to open after the end of prohibition

What did distilleries do during prohibition?

The 13 years of prohibition were tough for thousands of American breweries, distilleries, and vineyards. With their previous legal operations ending, many were forced to manufacture alternative products to survive. 

Colorado impresses with their sizeable collections of more than 90 distilleries, over 330 craft breweries, and 140 wineries. Each facility features unique characteristics to make your tour fun and enjoyable. Be part of the upcoming Denver Local Tours’ Colorado distillery tours to understand the creative science behind your favorite beverage and enjoy free tastings.

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