Discover Ole Smoky Tennessee Distillery and Celebrate National Moonshine Day

The Ole Smoky Tennessee Distillery played fast and loose with state laws back in the day. After all, Tennessee only legalized moonshine in 2009, which made life difficult for distilleries preparing a wide variety of tasty and unique brews. And we truly mean a wide variety, as these are some of the flavors available in the Smoky Mountains: apple pie, blackberry, buckeye, peppermint, pina colada, strawberry mango margarita, sweet tea, etc.

And with National Moonshine Day coming up on June 1, 2023, it’s time to book that trip to Tennessee today. There are many reasons to visit this state, primarily for its rich country music heritage. But it’s also home to several excellent whiskey distilleries, including the renowned Jack Daniel’s Distillery. Check out our in-depth article about the Tennessee Whiskey Trail to learn more about these fascinating distilleries. 

Furthermore, travelers wanting to try out and learn about Smoky Mountain moonshine have many great choices in Tennessee. We already mentioned Ole Smoky Tennessee Distillery, which we’ll cover in more detail below. But we recommend that travelers also check out Doc Collier Moonshine Distillery, Old Forge Moonshine Distillery, and Sugarlands Distilling Company

Travelers will find all these distilleries in the mountain town of Gatlinburg, which lies in the eastern part of Tennessee. And if they have time available, it’s worth checking out the charming downtown area and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

What to expect from the Ole Smoky Tennessee Distillery locations in Gatlinburg? 

The Ole Smoky Tennesse Distillery has two distilleries in Gatlinburg, one in Nashville, one in Pigeon Forge, and a warehouse in Newport. But we’ll focus on the Gatlinburg distilleries for now and reveal why they’re worth visiting. Both venues operate from 10 AM to 11 PM daily, and it’s not necessary to make reservations to visit either of these establishments:

  • The Barrelhouse (650 Parkway, Gatlinburg, TN 37738): Renowned for its cozy atmosphere and friendly and knowledgeable staff, visitors will have a blast tasting whiskey straight from the barrel. And while the Barrelhouse does admit kids and pets, they’re not allowed to partake in any of the tastings. A tasting costs $5 per person, and visitors will receive several samples and a coupon for $5 off.
  • The Holler (903 Parkway Suite 128, Gatlinburg, TN 37738): Situated only a short drive from the Barrelhouse, The Holler ranks as one of the most visited distilleries in the United States. It’s the ultimate venue to sample the wide variety of moonshine flavors and whiskeys produced by the Ole Smoky Tennessee Distillery while listening to bluegrass music by a live band. A tasting costs $5 per person, but travelers may book an hour tour of the distillery, which costs $34.95 per adult (ages 21 and over) and $10 per child (ages 13-20).

What do Ole Smoky Tennessee Distillery locations outside of Gatlinburg offer?

For travelers willing to explore other parts of Tennessee, Ole Smoky Tennessee Distillery has two additional venues. 6th & Peabody operates from 11 AM to 10 PM (Monday and Tuesday) and 11 AM to 11 PM (Wednesday to Sunday), while The Barn opens from 10 AM to 11 PM daily. Both venues host several events every week, so it’s unlikely visitors will become bored at these establishments:

  • 6th & Peabody (423 6th Ave S, Nashville, TN 37203): Ole Smoky Tennessee Distillery has teamed up with YeeHaw Brewing Company — renowned for its excellent craft brews — to create this multi-faceted venue. 6th & Peabody offers moonshine tastings, a beer garden, large-screen TVs, live music, and food by Daddy’s Dogs and White Duck Tacos. A tasting costs $10 per person, and visitors will receive moonshine, whiskey, and YeeHaw beer samples, including a coupon with $10 off. An hour tour of the venue costs $44.95 per adult (ages 21 and over) and $10 per child (ages 13-20).
  • The Barn (131 The Island Drive, Pigeon Forge, TN 37863): Situated in the center of Pigeon Forge, The Barn is a fantastic venue for tasting or purchasing moonshine brews while listening to live country music. Visitors can expect high service levels from the knowledgeable staff and fun conversations with the bartenders. A tasting costs $5 per person, and visitors will receive several samples and a coupon for $5 off.

Celebrate National Moonshine Day at Shine Fest

Moonshine’s notoriety stems from its higher-than-normal alcohol levels at about 40% ABV. But more often than not, moonshine may reach a whopping 80% ABV, and extremely dangerous if produced by amateur or untrained brewers. They often lack the ability to control alcohol levels adequately during the distillation process, causing ABV levels to vary widely. 

But licensed and trained distillers know how to attain alcohol consistency, especially when producing moonshine at scale. Yet that doesn’t mean that professionally-produced moonshine isn’t high in ABV and proof. Generally, a longer distillation process will result in higher proof, and the type of distillation will impact the alcohol percentage.

So does this mean that moonshine is safe to drink? Yes, but only from reputable and licensed distillers, such as Ole Smoky Tennessee Distillery. And since the state of Tennessee legalized moonshine almost 15 years ago, it’s given top distillers plenty of reason to celebrate.

On June 1, 2023, Ole Smoky Tennessee Distillery will host the 2nd Annual Ole Smoky Shine Fest. This festival will occur at 120 Historic Nature Trail in Gatlinburg, which will commence at 5 PM with a DJ set, and live performances will follow from Canaan Smith and Julia Cole. Participants will receive giveaways and enjoy tasty food and moonshine brews.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Ole Smoky Tennessee Distillery have deals for larger quantities of moonshine or whiskey purchases? 

Yes, but that’s dependent on product availability. Visitors should keep an eye out for special offers. 

2. Is it permitted to purchase moonshine or whiskey on Sundays?

Yes. And it’s legal to drive over state lines with your moonshine or whiskey purchases. If you’re flying, check with your airline beforehand to verify the maximum allowable quantities.

3. Is Shine Fest a free event, and who is allowed to attend? 

Yes, it’s a free event and open to everyone of all ages, and visitors may bring their pets along.

In Conclusion

Ole Smoky Tennessee Distillery has four phenomenal venues across Tennessee that all savvy travelers and moonshine or whiskey fans must discover. And with National Moonshine Day coming up on June 1, this presents the perfect opportunity to book a tour soon. Be sure to check in regularly at Distillery Nearby to learn more about the best distilleries and hottest tours near you! 

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