Discovering the Timeless Tradition of Moonshine at the Long Island o’OLDTYMER DISTILLERY”

National Moonshine Day is celebrated annually on June 5th. And it is a day to recognize and celebrate the rich history and cultural significance of moonshine in America. It is the perfect day to visit Long Island o’OLDTYMER DISTILLERY, taste their famous moonshine, and learn about the fascinating history of this iconic American spirit. Long Island o’OLDTYMER DISTILLERY is a historic distillery located on Long Island, New York. It’s been producing moonshine for over a century. Additionally, this distillery is known for its traditional recipes and high-quality spirits, which are made using locally sourced ingredients and time-honored techniques. There is an extensive selection of moonshine flavors available at o’OLDTYMER DISTILLERY to explore. So, let’s take a closer look and showcase some of the many moonshine flavors.

Corn whiskey

One of the flagship products of Long Island o’OLDTYMER DISTILLERY is the 100 Proof corn whiskey moonshine. This moonshine is where it all started for the distillery. Moreover, it continues to be a popular favorite among visitors and locals alike. Made from locally sourced Long Island corn, the moonshine is distilled and redistilled to perfection, following the time-honored tradition of moonshine-making that has been passed down through generations. This 100-Proof corn whiskey moonshine is a true tribute to the distillery’s grandfather’s tradition. Also, the local products used in its production give it a unique, authentic taste that captures the essence of Long Island.

Pumpkin spice

Pumpkin Spice moonshine is a highly sought-after flavor at Long Island o’OLDTYMER DISTILLERY. Made from all-natural Long Island pumpkins and spices, this moonshine is a delicious treat that captures the essence of autumn in every sip. With a 50 proof, this moonshine packs a punch while retaining the smooth, delicious flavor of pumpkins and spices. It is a best-seller during the fall season. Additionally, its availability is limited due to the use of only natural ingredients. So, if you want to enjoy this delicious pumpkin spice moonshine, be sure to grab it while it’s in stock during the limited fall season.

Apple pie & Hot apple pie

Apple Pie moonshine is a crowd-pleaser and a favorite among visitors to Long Island o’OLDTYMER DISTILLERY. With a 50 proof, this moonshine is a delicious blend of all-natural apples and spices, giving it the same classic taste as mom’s homemade apple pie. However, unlike the calorie-heavy dessert, this moonshine offers half the calories and twice the fun. It is perfect for sipping as a shot. But it’s also great for mixing into cocktails for an added kick of flavor. This treat is versatile and loved by many, making it a must-try when visiting the distillery.

If you love the taste of apple pie but also crave a spicy kick, then Hot Apple Pie moonshine from Long Island o’OLDTYMER DISTILLERY is a must-try. This moonshine is a fiery ball of flavor made with all-natural jalapeño, which adds a unique and organic twist to the classic apple pie taste. With a 50 proof, this moonshine is perfect for mixing into cocktails or taking as a shot, and it’s a popular favorite among those who enjoy a bit of heat in their drinks.

Maple Pecan

The Maple Pecan moonshine from Long Island o’OLDTYMER DISTILLERY is a unique infusion made from all-natural pecans and New York State pure maple syrup. With a 60 proof, this moonshine offers a smooth and delightful taste that captures the essence of fall in every sip. However, this special flavor is only available seasonally to ensure the highest quality and freshness. This makes it a must-try for those who visit the distillery during the fall season. The Maple Pecan moonshine is a versatile spirit enjoyed on its own as a sipping drink or mixed into cocktails to create a unique and delicious twist.


The Blueberry moonshine from Long Island o’OLDTYMER DISTILLERY is a unique and refreshing flavor. Made from all-natural blueberries sourced from local Long Island farms, this moonshine offers a fresh and authentic taste that is sure to please. With a 50 proof, this moonshine is perfect for sipping on hot summer days. And it’s a gem for mixing into cocktails as an added burst of flavor. However, this flavor is only available in limited quantities during the summer season, making it a must-try for those who visit the distillery during this time. Be sure to get your ‘shine hands on this delicious and refreshing Blueberry moonshine before it’s gone.


Indulge in the decadent and delicious Chocolate moonshine from Long Island o’OLDTYMER DISTILLERY, which boasts a rich and satisfying flavor. To create this unique flavor, the distillery uses a blend of 60% and 70% cocoa. This ensures a perfect balance of sweet and bitter notes. With a 70 proof, this moonshine is perfect for sipping or mixing into cocktails for a chocolatey twist. Additionally, the Chocolate moonshine is a versatile drink, making it a must-try for those with a sweet tooth. Treat yourself to this rich and delicious flavor and experience a taste of luxury in every sip.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is moonshine and how is it made?

Moonshine is a type of high-proof spirit, usually made from fermented grains, such as corn or wheat. It is often distilled in homemade stills,  not regulated or taxed by the government. This illegal practice has a long history in the United States and has become an important part of the country’s folklore.

Is moonshine safe to drink?

While drinking moonshine is not illegal, unregulated production can pose serious health risks. The high alcohol content and lack of quality control measures during production can lead to the presence of dangerous chemicals or impurities in the final product. It’s best to purchase moonshine from licensed distilleries to ensure safety and quality.

How does moonshine differ from other types of spirits?

Moonshine has a high alcohol content and its unique flavor profile. Unlike other types of spirits, such as whiskey or vodka, moonshine does not aged in barrels. Therefore it does not have the same complexity of flavor. Additionally, often associated with its history of illegal production, moonshine has become a symbol of rebellion and independence.

Long Island o’OLDTYMER DISTILLERY offers a wide selection of moonshine flavors, including but not limited to, strawberry, raspberry, honey, coffee, mixed berry, and the flavors mentioned earlier. Whether you visit during the summer or any other time of the year, you can experience the vast array of flavors available at the distillery. Come and discover the perfect flavor to tantalize your taste buds with ‘shine. And satisfy your thirst for adventure.

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