Distilleries In Colorado Springs - A Helpful Guide

Distilleries In Colorado Springs – A Helpful Guide

Colorado Springs is probably one of the best places to head to in Colorado if you’re after some top-notch distilleries!

And while Colorado Springs has long been considered a great destination for distilleries, today’s brewers are taking it to a whole new level.

In our article, we’ll take a look at some of the best distilleries in Colorado Springs, as well as explore everything else the city has to offer.

About Colorado Springs

Colorado has many amazing towns to visit and Colorado Springs is a must-visit destination. It is the second-largest city in Colorado and was founded in 1871, originally as a resort town.

Colorado Springs has a mild climate with a lot of sun, breathtaking natural beauty, and more than 50 natural and man-made attractions.

The city is home to many famous landmarks, such as Garden of the Gods and Pikes Peak.

So whether you’re a thrill seeker, want to create memories with your family, or just want to kick back and relax, Colorado Springs is guaranteed to have something for you!

Local Distilleries

Axe And The Oak Distillery

Located in Ivywild School, Axe And The Oak is run by four friends who source their raw materials from a family farm.

Their whiskeys tell the story of Colorado Spring perfectly, particularly their Pikes Peak Hill Shine, a tribute to the iconic Pikes Peak Hill Climb.

At 104 proof, this blend will dazzle you with its fascinating citrus and marshmallow aromas with final notes of apricot, caramel, and corn.

We also recommend their Colorado Mountain Bourbon Whiskey, which is Axe And The Oak cornerstone spirit.

This bourbon is created with a mix of melted grains and is aged in American White Oak barrels.

Distillery 291

With Cheyenne Mountain as a backdrop, Distillery 291 is probably the best-known distillery in Colorado Springs.

It won gold at the 2017 World Spirit Competition in San Francisco, and their tasting room is home to their 8 flagship whiskeys and a range of iconic cocktails.

When it comes to whiskeys, try the Barrel Proof Colorado Whiskey, a smooth yet high-proof whiskey that is aged for a year.

Or you can try the Single Barrel Colorado Rye Whiskey and their barrel-aged bourbon delight.

Their cocktails are also an intriguing prospect. Their Blackberry Sour is beloved among locals, but the Colorado Fresh Whiskarita also has many fans and is best served extra cold.

3 Hundred Days Of Shine

Treat yourself to an expert blend of Western Sippin’ shine flavors at this distillery owned by veterans, and is beloved by locals.

The top blends found here include the 3 Hundred Days Moonshine, which the locals say you can drink straight from the bottle!

Other blends include Margarita Moon, a signature drink that we recommend you try on the rocks, and Peach Cobbler that features juicy peaches with small cinnamon hints.


It couldn’t be simpler to reach Colorado Springs, as the main highway I-25 goes straight through the city of Colorado Springs, so it’s easy to get to the city from the north or the south.

It takes about an hour to Colorado Springs from South Denver, and 30 minutes to drive from North Pueblo. There are also a couple of smaller interstates which go both east and west.

Meanwhile, Colorado Springs Airport is situated in the city of Colorado Springs airport, and it takes just 20 minutes to get to the downtown area by car.

Pueblo Municipal Airport is the second-closest airport to Colorado Springs and is situated in the city of Pueblo, and is just a 30-minute drive to Colorado Springs on I-25.

Denver International Airport is situated just outside the city of Denver and it takes around 90 minutes to drive to Colorado Springs. You just need to take I-25 South and you’ll be in Colorado Springs soon!

Things To See In Colorado Springs

The Royal Gorge

Strap in and soar across the Royal Gorge on the highest zipline in the country!

Hold on tight as you take in 360-degree views of the Arkansas River that is 1,000 feet below you.

While it can be nerve-wracking to look down, you don’t want to miss the views!

Garden Of The Gods

Visit Garden of the Gods and explore massive red rock formations with a variety of viewpoint pull-offs and many hiking trails.

No matter if you’re taking a leisurely stroll along the neat, paved walkways or climbing to the top of a rock you’ll still be treated to breathtaking views, local wildlife, and lush vegetation.

Pikes Peak

Distilleries In Colorado Springs - A Helpful Guide

Visit the famous mountain that reaches 14,115 feet and that inspired Katharine Lee Bates to write the classic song, America the Beautiful.

Bike, drive, hike, or take a tour to the top of this iconic landmark and enjoy literally inspiring views.

Royal Gorge Route Railroad

The Royal Gorge Route Railroad is a stunning train ride through the Colorado Rockies that you won’t forget!

But there isn’t just beautiful scenery to enjoy, delicious fresh and locally-sourced food and excellent service are also aboard the train all day.


Cave Of The Winds Mountain Park

Cave of the Winds has something to offer everyone! It’s the ideal combination of history, natural beauty, recreation and relaxation that make for a fun, unforgettable day.

There are three cave tours and a variety of outdoor attractions to enjoy.

U.S. Olympic And Paralympic Training Center In Colorado Springs

The U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Training Center provides guided tours of their facilities throughout the year.

Tours start with a video presentation and are followed by a walking tour of the facility that lasts around an hour.


Kreuser Gallery

Kreuser Gallery has new exhibits every month from 5pm to 9pm.

There is also a small gallery room offering fantastic gifts created by local artisans including candles, jewelry, pottery, and sculpture.

Colorado Springs Philharmonic

From cinematic to classical music, the skilled musicians of the Colorado Springs Philharmonic perform in the impressive Pikes Peak Center.

Their concerts illustrate the greatness of music and how particularly great it can be when people come together to create music!

The Broadmoor World Arena

With up to 9,000 seats, the Broadmoor World Arena is a top-notch sports and entertainment venue that is home to amazing concerts, fun conventions, and sporting events.

The arena also has an Ice Hall next to it that hosts top-level figure skating, public skating, and hockey activities.

Food & Beverage Scene

Lake Terrace Dining Room And Summit At The Broadmoor

The Broadmoor (a beautiful, historic golf and spa resort) is home to 20 lounges and restaurants, but Sunday Brunch at the Lake Terrace Dining Room is legendary among guests, locals, and tourists.

There are 150 luxurious items to choose from, such as crêpes, eggs that are made to order, or the iconic Bananas Foster.

At dinner, Summit provides innovative cuisine that pays tribute to the majestic backdrop of the Rockies with ingredients that are locally-sourced.

We recommend the Colorado hunter’s style roasted beef tenderloin or the roasted Colorado lamb loin as you marvel at the huge glass wine turret that contains over 500 bottles.

Shuga’s Restaurant & Bar

The best kept secret in Colorado Springs used to be a typewriter repair shop once upon a time, but now it’s a cool place to spend an evening, full of retro furniture and mismatched chairs.

It is home to a pretty little piano and an eclectic menu that takes inspiration from cuisines all over the world.

We recommend trying the Brazilian Spicy Shrimp Soup and the Almond Butter Cake.

If you decide to spend the evening here, get your movie fix at the same time on Shuga’s Thursday-night film showcase, Cinemaholix!

You can enjoy their menu before re-watching some classic, nostalgic movie hits like A League of Their Own and Stand By Me.


Why should you go to 503W? The craft cocktails, of course!

Located in the west-side of Colorado Springs, don’t look at the drink menu, just ask the bartender what they would recommend and prepare for your socks to be blown off!

But there’s more to 503W than delicious cocktails.

It is also a zesty gastro-pub with an Asian-fusion menu serving tasty food bites, tangy noodle bowls, Bangkok Pork Belly, Gaucho Burger, Korean Tacos, and Spicy Island Big Poke.

Final Thoughts

We hope our article has told you all you need to know about the best distilleries in Colorado Springs, but there’s a lot more to the city than distilleries!

Head to Colorado Springs for stunning nature, thrilling activities, and fantastic culture and food.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Weather Like In Colorado Springs In Winter?

Colorado Springs has a mild climate all year round, and while snow is possible, it quickly melts and evaporates.

The low humidity keeps the temperatures pleasant and moderate, and it’s common for people to wear light jackets and shorts even in the winter.

What Is The Weather Like In Colorado Springs In Summer?

The daily temperature in Colorado Springs in July tends to be 84 degrees, and the low humidity prevents it from feeling muggy and hot. Evenings are also pleasantly cool and – best yet – free of bugs!

Is It Affordable To Visit Colorado Springs?

Colorado Springs is home to many luxurious resorts, but their prices are pretty competitive. Colorado Springs is consistently ranked to be one of the most affordable cities in the US.

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