Distilleries In San Francisco (Tourist Overview)

Distilleries In San Francisco (Tourist Overview)

If you live in California, or if you visit frequently, then you will know how easy it is to access the wine and vineyards locally, especially if you are close to the Bay Area. However, if you prefer spirits more than wine, then there is also a massive variety of different options to explore.

You could be hosting an event and want some delicious locally sourced spirits, or if you are a tourist, then coming to San Francisco for distilleries is a great way to spend your time when visiting.

There are plenty of different distilleries in the Bay Area, and these all use ingredients sourced in California. These distilleries can make a wide variety of different products like, gins, rums, whiskeys, vodka, and brandies, as well as much more.

These are perfect to sample on a tour while tasting, and can make a thoughtful gift when returning home.

So, while there might be a misconception that wine is the only thing worth looking out for in wine country, this is definitely not the case with how many amazing distilleries are close by.

However, with how many distilleries there are in the local area, some are better than others, and some would be better suited to different people.

Because of the range in variety, we have gathered our favorite recommendations so you know where to go!

Our Favorite Distilleries In San Francisco

Make sure you closely look through our selections of distilleries in San Francisco. This is because the best distillery for one person can be very different from the best distillery for someone else.

Distilleries In San Francisco (Tourist Overview)

Some distilleries will offer tours and tastings, others will just be a glorified shop, and some will offer certain spirits, while others will have a drastically different selection.

Because of this we recommend looking over our information here, and further researching any options you might want to visit to see if they fit your specifications.

Alley 6 Craft Distillery

This distillery can be found in Healdsburg and it is one of the original grain to glass distilleries which was originally started over 30 years ago. It was originally named Anchor Distilling Company, but it has now rebranded to Alley 6.

The Alley 6 direction was led by Jason and Krystle Jorgenson back in 2012 and this spot can be found within Sonoma county and in an area which is full of vineyards, this spot is a perfect change of pace.

This spot is only open between Thursday and Sunday, so if you plan to visit we strongly recommend making sure that you visit within the parameters.

You can get a weekend drive over to the distillery and get a detailed tour. You will also be able to sample some of the stunning Gold Harvest Barrel Aged Gin, or even the Spiced Peach Liqueur. Currently, the cost of a tasting at Alley 6 is $15.

Dissident Spirits Co.

This is one of the more new spots in San Francisco and it was opened for distribution back in 2022. Since then, it has been making some pretty bold moves since opening.

One such bold move was partnering with notably woman owned company Kavier Coffee to make a delicious original coffee liqueur. This spot is located in Richmond, however, it is open on Thursday for bottle sales between 1 and 5pm.

However, on Friday it is open between 3 and 8pm and then 1 to 6pm on the weekend. You can stay for a while over the weekends and you might even be able to get a free tasting if you are lucky!

Griffo Distillery

This spot was able to open back in 2015 after the owners were able to save up for long enough, and you can find it nestled in the Bay Area.

This spot gives you the option to sit in amongst all the barrels while having some of the best craft cocktails found in the city.

You have the option to choose either a chocolate and spirit tasting, or a more educational tour, you can get a distillery tour, and if you are organized enough you might be able to fit both in.

If you are more of a fan of the coffee served here you can pick up one of the Thai Iced Coffee Cocktail kits that are sold here.

These include the coffee liqueur sold and produced by Griffo, as well as the Runamok Ginger Mule syrup as well! If you want something a little more adventurous, you can also try the Persimmon Vodka or the more limited Sir Lord Francis Grappa.

Jettywave Distillery

This spot is well known for how they use botanicals that are sourced all from within the state, and this is a microdistillery which is all women owned. It is found in Half Moon Bay in the Bay Area.

They distill using both metal and copper stills and they are proud of their use of organically sourced ingredients as well as using redwood fermentors that are locally reclaimed.

They also have a fog fermentation process which is used to expose the grains used to the fog to help seal in the flavor.

There are bottles sold which are also available to be shipped, however, one of the best things you can do here is get a ride along the coast nearby and enjoy the bar and restaurant at this microdistillery.

Prohibition Spirits

This area is known as one of the first craft distilleries which was located in Sonoma in the Bay Area and this is why they got their name.

They were then re-founded back in 2008 as Hello Cello, and they pioneered in the middle of the wine country by making a delicious limoncello.

Then they rebranded to Prohibition Spirits which has more of a focus on liqueurs, amaros, whiskey, brandies, gins, and rum giving you plenty of choice.

We also love the Absinthe experience which is available here and you can also book flight tastings of 6 different spirits available here including the original limoncello.

Savage & Cooke Distillery

This spot was opened more recently back in 2918 and the winemaker Dave Phinney from Napa Valley opened it to be a more accessible spot for people who are from Napa Valley, as well as San Francisco as well.

They are also known for having collaborated with Scottie Pippen, Basketball legend, for making DIGITS which is a bourbon whiskey aged for 5 years.

They also collaborated by making Bad Sweater as well, this is a holiday themed bourbon which has a package wrapped in a cute holiday sweater.

You can work your way here into the Bay Area, and if you book ahead you are able to taste Guerro. This is a 17 year old whiskey which you will not forget.

Then you can stay on for Blanchard fried chicken which is another local restaurant close by!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is There To See In San Francisco?

There is plenty to visit in San Francisco and this is why it is such a wildly popular tourist destination. There are the obvious picks like the Golden Gate Bridge, but what we love about San Francisco is just exploring this unique hilly city and taking in the culture.

There are plenty of historical locations, and unique methods of getting around, and you can sink days into simply walking around.

If you are a fan of seafood we strongly recommend going out of your way to get some of the great locally sourced dishes to experience the cuisine of this city!

Distillery Accessibility In San Francisco?

The accessibility for each distillery in San Francisco is massively variable as different distilleries will have different formats.

An example of this is how some distilleries will offer tours and tastings which you can spend a whole day at, while others will be a shop where you will be able to maybe have a good chat with someone who knows what they are talking about.

Because of this, if you can not find suitable information on the website of each distillery, we recommend calling ahead so they can answer your specific questions. If you are planning on doing a tour, we definitely recommend calling ahead about disability access.

Some places will be prepared for different accessibility hurdles like wheelchairs, but others will not, so checking in advance is worth it!


Hopefully this guide has put into perspective just how many options there are in San Francisco when it comes to distilleries. There are plenty of options for different places to visit, and a wide variety of different spirits available.

These are dotted all around different areas in the city, and they can fit into your day of travel and tourism easily.

You will get a much better experience at a brewery tour or tasting if you book ahead as you will not have to wait when you arrive to be served, so we strongly recommend doing this if you want to be as efficient as possible with your time while you are travelling.

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