The Distillery Industry In Austin

The Distillery Industry In Austin

If you are visiting Austin or Texas Hill County, then something you might not know is just how many distilleries this area is home to.

These are the perfect destinations for different day trips if you are visiting, and if you love spirits, whether you are local or travelling, these are worth going out of your way for.

There is a massive variety of different distilleries in Austin, and while this is great for the local industry, it means that if you are a tourist the amount of choice can feel a bit overwhelming.

Because of this we have put this guide together to make visiting the different distilleries in Austin as simple as possible.

These distilleries all make a wide variety of different spirits, and since people have different tastes, it is worth looking through our selections so you can see which distilleries serve spirits which you are a fan of.

Also, Austin is by no means a small area, so it is worth working out which distilleries are in which area so you can travel to the ones which are the most convenient for you on your day plan.

Also, what you can do at a distillery varies wildly depending on location. For example, some distilleries will give you a tour of the grounds, and some will offer different tastings, some even serve food as well.

However, some can just end up being a shop which has some well informed staff members who can answer whatever questions you might have.

Of course these will take a different amount of time to get through, so knowing how long it will take you to experience a distillery is good information to have when planning your trip.

So if you want to know what our favorite distilleries are in Austin and what kind of activities you can expect to do there, then this guide will give you all the information that you need!

Our Favorite Distilleries In Austin

As we mentioned in the introduction, there is a massive variety in what distilleries can offer no matter where they are located, and because of this, it is worth finding out what each distillery offers so you can plan the best trip for yourself.

Keep in mind what you want out of a distillery trip, and use this to make an informed decision on which distilleries you want to visit, and which ones you will probably skip!

Desert Door Distillery

This distillery is in Driftwood and this is the only distillery in the country which is a sotol distillery. This gives this distillery a unique Texan spirit which is something every local and tourist should definitely experience.

This spot features the aforementioned sotol plant which is unique to only Texas and northern Mexico as well.

You can get some sotol sampling here in the modern styled tasting room on the premises, and our best recommendation for this is the Desert Door Original, and then even better, the Eden West food truck is just outside and you can get some delicious farm to table food after.

This spot has a great atmosphere with a cozy fireplace and comfortable couches as well, all surrounded by a variety of local art. You can also find an outdoor patio which has an amazing family friendly vibe with games and live music often featured.

Garrison Brothers Distillery

You can find this distillery in Hye and this is the first and the oldest whiskey distillery which was founded in Texas.

This spot is found on a small ranch and it is well known for the Straight Bourbon Whiskey. This is made using organic winter wheat and this is grown and then ground on the site every day.

You can also find the same story for the plump and delicious yellow corn which is from Texas Panhandle, as well as the Hill Country rainwater too.

This spot has a detailed tour which can take between an hour or two, and this is available between Tuesday and Saturday. This tour is a great idea since you also get to taste the sweet mash as well as the high proof white dog as well.

You will also get samples of the limited release whiskeys produced here as well!

Dripping Springs Vodka & Gin

This spot can be found in Dripping Springs and it is known for the spirits it makes which are made in copper pot stills.

This spot was founded by Gary and Kevin Kelleher who are brothers, and they originally founded San Luis Spirits Distillery beforehand.

This is where they make smaller 50 gallon batches of the Dripping Springs gin and vodka. This is made using the Hill Country artesian spring water giving it a unique taste.

You can also get a tour here and these are held between Thursday and Sunday in the afternoons. This does not just include the distillery tour, but also tastings and you will get a souvenir shot glass as well.

Then you also have the choice of chilling at the Distillers Bar, or hanging out at the tasting room. Here you can get wine or a craft cocktail, or some Southern style sides if you are hungry.

Treaty Oak Distilling

This is another distillery which you can find in Dripping Springs and this spot is named after the 500 year old oak tree which is located in Austin, the same tree where Stephen F Austin, the father of Texas, signed the border agreement back in the 1830s.

This distillery makes a wide variety of different spirits, including both bourbon and gin.

They have a 28 acre distillery and ranch all with a state of the art design.

We recommend visiting over the weekend where you can get a Saturday afternoon tour, but also get to experience the live music, the yard games, and the tastings in the Cocktail Lab, or any of the gourmet treats at Alice’s Restaurant on site.

Revolution Spirits

This spot is a more experimental craft distillery and they are known for the smaller batches of gin and liqueur which they make in Austin. They have a signature more contemporary Reserve Gin which is made using lemongrass and Juniper as well as Texas Grapefruit.

They are also known for their liqueurs like the Cafecito which is made using cuvee coffee. You can also get tastings here as well as cocktails and food!

The Distillery Industry In Austin

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is There To See In Austin?

While there are plenty of different tourist locations in Austin, and it is a very tourist friendly city, the best thing you can do in Austin is appreciate some of the local live music.

There are plenty of different music venues all over the city which will constantly have new acts coming and going, and these are well worth visiting.

This city is actually considered to be the live music capital of the world, so if you love seeing live music, then going out of your way to see some of the astounding live music here is something you will want to do!

Of course, we have to recommend the amazing variety of distilleries that are located in Austin.

This city has a fair amount of these distilleries, and they all offer a wide and unique variety of spirits, so researching which will be the best for you to visit is worth doing.

Distillery Accessibility In Austin?

When it comes to accessibility for distilleries in Austin it is well worth doing as much research as possible.

If you have never visited a distillery before then you might not know just how limited the opening hours can be. Because of this we recommend that you closely study when each spot will be open to ensure that you do not show up to a building which is closed down.

Even then, we recommend calling ahead, some spots might have changed their opening hours without updating online sources, and some opening times are seasonal.

On top of this, if you plan to do an activity at a distillery like a tour or a tasting, then we definitely recommend booking this in advance to ensure that you get the best service and do not have to wait.

In terms of disability accessibility, this is something else we recommend calling ahead about.

For more senior distilleries, these will usually have disabled accessibility in mind, but for newer or smaller venues, these might not have the measures considered yet, because of this it is always worth checking in advance.


Hopefully this guide has given you all the information you need about the best distilleries that are available to visit in Austin.

This city has a rich and vibrant culture, and this is reflected in the wide variety of distilleries and range of spirits which they offer.

Because of this we recommend that you research which specific attractions and distilleries which you want to visit, otherwise you can very easily become swamped and overwhelmed with just how much variety there is in activities to do, and might end up missing out on something you would have loved!

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