Explore the American Whiskey Trail this Summer

The American Whiskey Trail was started by the Distilled Spirits Council, Historic Mount Vernon, and affiliate members. It’s an educational trip through the history of spirits designed to promote the distilled beverage industry in the United States.

Moreover, you’ll learn about historic sites, all with their own unique story. If you’re interested in this trail, you can take an extended vacation through New York, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Maryland, and Utah. Take a trip through the American Whiskey Trail this summer.

George Washington Distillery Museum in Mount Vernon, Virginia

This is generally thought of as the gateway to the American Whiskey Trail

Owned by Washington, this distillery is the only one in the United States that shows visitors how whiskey was made in the 18th century. The best part is seeing our first president’s unique way of making whiskey.

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Bulleit Frontier Whiskey Experience (Stitzel-Weller Distillery) in Louisville, Kentucky

This part of the trail began in 1935. Also, you’ll more than enjoy the history of this pillar of American whiskey.

Just recently, the owners installed a new small batch still and state-of-the-art bottling line. Interestingly, when they renovated, they incorporated sustainable practices, including natural habitat protection, water conservation, and local ingredient sourcing. 

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Angel’s Envy Distillery in Louisville, Kentucky

A subsidiary of Bacardi Limited, Angel’s Envy is a hand-crafted, small-batch whiskey that the Louisville Distilling company produces. Also, Angel’s Envy is a Kentucky Straight Bourbon finished in port wine barrels, giving it its distinctive taste. 

Interestingly, they are also dedicated to sustainability, having planted over 200,000 white oak trees since 2014 to create a more sustainable future for the whiskey industry.

Lincoln Henderson, a master distiller, created this fantastic bourbon. You can join any number of touring groups and tastings. Check out their website, as some tours are restricted to 21 and up. 

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High West Distillery in Wanship, Utah

Distilleries were illegal for generations, and High West Distillery is Utah’s first legal distillery since 1870. Named Distiller of the Year by Whiskey advocate, they are dedicated to introducing people to their distinctive whiskeys and helping people appreciate whiskey from the American West.

In addition to their distillery, they opened the High West Saloon in historic Old Town Park City, as the world’s only ski-in gastro distillery.

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George Dickel in Tullahoma, Tennessee

Nestled in scenic Cascade Hollow in Tennessee, George Dickel is a form of Tennessee whiskey. Dickel created the whiskey more than a century ago. Also, the small batches ensure the whiskey is made with a human touch, and every part of the process is consistent. 

 The whiskey is mellowed in vats of charcoal, giving it a signature chill. In addition, the barrel warehouses are only one story high to minimize variation in barrel aging, which they do for at least five years.

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Jack Daniel’s in Lynchburg, Tennessee

The founder, Jasper Newton Daniel (known by Jack), was born in the mid-1840s. He introduced the world to Old No. 7, which was his signature charcoal-mellowed Tennessee whiskey. His company was registered and called Jack Daniel in 1866, and it’s the oldest registered distillery in the United States.

All ages are welcome, but there are restrictions. Please check the website for the most up-to-date information.

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Jim Beam American Stillhouse in Clermont, Kentucky

Nested in the foothills of Kentucky, eight generations of Beam family distillers have carried on a long-standing bourbon tradition. This all started with small-batch whiskeys in 1795.

This tour is a much-loved stop on the trail for the number-one-selling bourbon in America. Moreover, you can enjoy self-guided walking tours as well as in-depth ones and tastings.

Like many of the other distillers on the trail, you’ll also find restaurants and shopping, so you can dine and relax after your tour.

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Maker’s Mark in Loretto, Kentucky

At the Maker’s Mark Distillery, you enjoy a charming campus-like setting on Hardin’s Creek that was established in 1805 as a gristmill distillery. In 1953, Bill Samuels, Sr. created Maker’s Mark with the only copy of the family’s trusted 170-year-old recipe.

In addition to the historic charm, you’ll enjoy their grounds and a functioning arboretum with nearly 300 species of trees and shrubs. On tour, you can see the bourbon-making process and can even add signature red wax to the bottle.

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Wild Turkey Distillery in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky

Sitting right about the Kentucky River, this is a beautiful piece of history. It began in 1855 when Austin Nichols started selling wine and spirits, including Wild Turkey. In 1869, the Ripy brothers opened the family distillery, and their bourbon represents Kentucky at the Chicago World’s Fair. 

Also, Wild Turkey Bourbon got its name when a distillery executive took bourbon on a hunting trip where they hunted wild turkey.

On tour, visitors see the 40-foot high column still, the warehouses, and bourbon being poured into the hand-crafted oak barrels. You’ll also see the new visitor center that Architect Magazine called the best in American architecture.

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Woodford Reserve Distillery in Versailles, Kentucky

You can enjoy a guided experience on the idyllic grounds of Woodford Reserve. Additionally, you’ll learn about their history, the sources of their unique flavor, the bottling process, and more. Located in the heart of Kentucky horse country, the distillery is a National Historic Landmark.

You can even enjoy a tour with their distillers. Guests 21 and over can taste their award-winning bourbon. 

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Smooth Ambler Distillery in Maxwelton, West Virginia

Located in the heart of Appalachia, this area of the United States is famous for its whiskey. In addition to their regular tours, you can also do a virtual tour. You’ll learn how they grind specially chosen regional grains. Also, explore how they use pristine high valley water and hands-on techniques for distillation, aging, and bottling.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Do I have to start in a specific location?

Answer: No! You can visit spots on the American Whiskey Trail in any sequence or order you decide.

Question: When is the best time to make the American Whiskey Trail l? 

Answer: You can visit all year long, but spring and summer are perfect.

Question: Do I need reservations?

Answer: Many distilleries require online reservations. So, check out their website for information.

Question: What are the two most popular whiskeys in America?

Answer: They are bourbon and Tennessee whiskey.

Question: Do visitors have to be 21 to do the tour?

Answer: Please check out the websites to be sure, but kids are usually allowed on tours. You do have to be 21 to sample their products.

To Conclude

Now that you have the ultimate guide to the American Whiskey Trail, you have a list to follow to find the best distillery tours. So, hit the trail, learn more about the history of whiskey and its heritage. And enjoy the beautiful scenery and delicious spirits!

At Distillerynearby.com, we are dedicated to being the ultimate online source for a distillery near you. Let’s go and find a bit of American history and delicious whiskey just for you.

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