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Colorado is famous for its ancient west towns, well-built ski resorts, craft breweries, and rocky mountain tops. However, the state has recently gained much attention from the spirit industry. In less than 15 years, over 100 distilleries have set up shop in Colorado, releasing new spirit flavors. Below are six of the top craft distilleries and Colorado distillery tours to visit in different parts of Colorado, producing a variety of high-quality spirits. 

1. 10th Mountain Whiskey & Spirits Company 

Despite being a modern distillery, 10th Mountain Whiskey & Spirits Company owners know Colorado’s history deeply. They even named the distillery after a US Army squad that trained inside the mountains and played a pivotal role in establishing the ski industry after World War 2, called the 10th Mountain Division.

Ryan Thompson and his team of passionate craftsmen like sharing tales of the legendary military squad with visitors. The distillery also regularly fundraises for military units and veteran programs.

10th Mountain Whiskey & Spirits Company has an impressive spirit list that includes rye, a famous bourbon, potato vodka, Alpenglow Cordial, and a 100% corn-made moonshine. You can visit the company’s tasting room in Vail Village, though be warned, it’s always packed, especially on weekends.

Location: 227 Bridge St, Vail, CO 81657
Phone: +1 970-470-4215

2. Breckenridge Distillery

In 2008, Bryan Nolt, a physician cum distiller, decided to make high-quality whiskey. A few years later, his company, Breckenridge, Distillery, put out its first vodka and bourbon. 

The distillery has slowly built a sturdy reputation and even received awards for its bourbon whiskeys with high rye mash bills. Additionally, the company makes gin, aquavit, spiced rum, and unflavored and flavored vodka.

Since its inception, Breckenridge Distillery has immensely increased production. For instance, in 2017, they acquired a new skill that multiplied the production capacity ten times. The distillery features a restaurant that has an American Cuisine menu developed by master chef David Burke. You will also find a variety of spirits in the company’s tasting room.

Location: 1925 Airport Rd, Breckenridge, CO 80424
Phone: +1 970-547-9759

3. Laws Whiskey House

As the name suggests, Laws Whiskey does not play around regarding whiskey production. The distillery began operations in 2011 and sold its first whiskey in 2014. All of its ryes and bourbons undergo open-air fermentation. After which, they’re distilled inside a customized four-plate pot, then aged in white American oak barrels for two years or more.

Working with Colorado farmers who supply them with heirloom grains, Laws Whiskey was the first distillery in the state to put out a bonded rye and bourbon. Both bottles come in three categories; Straight Cask, Straight Bonded, and Straight.

The tasting room inside the distillery is full of rare spirits you won’t find in the open market. The management recently announced they would open another tasting room featuring all their whiskeys and numerous cocktails.

Location: 1420 S Acoma St, Denver, CO 80223
Phone: +1 720-570-1420

4. Leopold Bros

Brothers Scott Leopold and Todd started Leopold Bros 1999 as a microbrewery in Michigan. Immediately after getting the coveted distilling license, the brothers expanded their operations to include craft spirits in 2001. Seven years later, armed with enough skill, the brothers moved back home to Colorado and primarily focused on growing the business’s distillery side.

Today, the Leopold Bros distillery sits on an expansive four acres, and they even have a malting floor, which allows them to malt their grains at the facility. The Brothers are reportedly planning to expand their malting plant. If this happens, the company will have one of the most extensive malting operations globally.

Leopold Bros spirit list has at least two dozen products, including vodka, rye, bourbon, gin, flavored liqueurs, a fernet, aperitivo, and absinthe.

Location: 5285 Joliet St, Denver, CO 80239
Phone: +1 303-307-1515

5. Marble Distillery 

Regarded as a sustainability pioneer, Marble Distillery aims for its production to have zero pollution. Married couple, also the co-founders Carrie Shanks and Connie Baker, has had sustainability as their primary goal since opening Marble Distillery in 2015.

The founders bought a Water Energy Thermal System to hold and reuse heat and water generated while distilling. The machine helps save over four million gallons of water in a year. Moreover, all the grains the company uses to make their spirits are from local ranchers, non-GMO, and pesticide free.

Carry Shanks says that to them, sustainability isn’t only about the natural environment but also social and economic connections. That’s why they buy grains from local ranchers. Marble Distillery has won many awards for its outstanding products, like Hoovers Revenge Rye, Moonlight Expresso, Gingercello liqueur, and Marble Vodka.

You will find a tasting bar and a five-bedroom luxury hotel at the distillery. So, after touring and tasting the spirits, you can sleep close to the stills.

Location: 150 Main St, Carbondale, CO 81623
Phone: +1 970-963-7008

6. Montanya Rum

After a two-decade obsession with rum, Karen Hoskin finally decided to open a distillery, and thus Montanya Rum came into existence. Hoskin envisioned building an internationally acclaimed rum brand, and she felt Crested Butte town provided an ideal place to achieve her goal. So, after three years of running Montanya, Hoskin and her husband Brice moved their family and company to the small mountain town. 

Even though distilling at over 8885 feet might seem unusual, Hoskin found its regular practice in countries like Panama, Columbia, and Guatemala. Rum producers carry their spirit to the mountains and leave it to age. Doing so enabled the rum to age better, absorbing more flavor from their barrels.

Montanya has four rums, each made using local honey, Louisiana sugar cane, and water from an aquifer.

You can pass by their distillery for a tour and to sample the artisanal cocktails. The facility also has a restaurant that features different cuisines.

Location: 204 Elk Ave, Crested Butte, CO 81224
Phone: +1 970-799-3206

Frequently Asked Questions About Colorado Distillery Adventures

What type of alcohol is Colorado famous for?

Colorado produces some of the country’s best vodkas, rums, gins, whiskeys, and liqueurs.

What are the top tourist attractions in Colorado?

In addition to Colorado distillery tours, there are other attractions to round out your itinerary. They include:

Which city in Colorado has the most drinkers?

Denver has more alcohol consumers than the other cities. It’s estimated that 16.8 percent of the city’s inhabitants drink daily.


Colorado craft distilleries are pushing the boundaries to produce excellent spirits. If you can only visit some of the distilleries listed at a time, start by touring two, then keep doing so until you have been to all of them. You can learn about top distilleries in other states and their products by visiting Distillery Nearby. The website has information on all matter’s alcohol, including festivals, state laws, and more.

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