10 Highly Rated Distilleries In Iowa Worth A Visit

10 Highly Rated Distilleries In Iowa Worth A Visit

Do you love visiting different distilleries? Do you live in Iowa? Or perhaps you’ve visiting and want to know the best distilleries to check out. If this sounds like you, then definitely read on.

In this article, I’m going to be telling you about the very best distilleries you can find in Iowa that are worth a visit. Read on to find out about the top 10 highest rated distilleries in Iowa for you to try out!

Cedar Ridge Winery And Distillery

This distillery in Iowa is definitely one of the best. It was the first licensed distillery in Iowa following the lifting of the prohibition, so it has a lot of wonderful and interesting history surrounding it. Cedar Ridge Distillery is family owned and it is located in a beautiful part of the Iowa countryside.

In this distillery there is a great restaurant that serves all kinds of delicious food, as well as a chance to tour the distillery. The restaurant often has live music and live performances. You can try out some of the amazing food at the restaurant which provides a gourmet seasonal menu.

The wines and spirits that are produced at this distillery and winery are award winning and recognized internationally. This site in Iowa is definitely worth a visit!

Templeton Rye

Templeton Rye is a great distillery situated in Templeton, Iowa. Templeton town is a wonderful town that is filled with amazing legacies and stories.

This distillery was opened in 2018 in Templeton. The distillery is home to the creation of amazing whiskey, and they pride themselves on having good stories over good whiskey.

This distillery is open Wednesday through Saturday between 8.30am and 5pm. It is usually closed on the holidays, so if you are looking to visit ensure you check that it is open.

When you visit this distillery, ensure that you attend one of the tours as this will give you an insight into how the distillery works. You can attend these tours at 9am, 11am, 1pm and 3pm on the days that it is open. You will need to be over the age of 21 to taste any of the products on this tour, and this is why the tour is free to those under the age of 21.

TYCOGA Winery And Distillery

The TYCOGO Distillery is a family owned business that originally opened in 2014. It is also a winery that has a large variety of wines that range from sweet to dry. You will have the chance to try all of these out if you attend the distillery.

You will also be very impressed with the location of the distillery, with a beautiful back patio, waterfalls and ponds, you will definitely enjoy your visit! There is lots of wood fired pizza available to be eaten everyday that is delicious.

While the business opened in 2014, the distillery didn’t open until 2021. At this time, vodka and whiskey became available. You can also taste these products if you attend the distillery.

At this venue, there is also an event hall where you can host weddings, birthday parties and lots more. Between April and October, there will be a lot of weddings on Saturdays which means that the distillery will sometimes not be open to visitors.

Ensure you check online to see if it is open when you are looking to visit. The TYCOGA winery and distillery is definitely one that is worth a visit!

Iowa Distilling Company

Iowa Distilling Company

The Iowa Distilling company is an award winning distillery that has made its name through continued support by customers. It has won awards for the best local distillery and the best whiskey for four years running, making it a very popular place to visit. These are not the only awards that this distillery has won, and the distillery works hard to maintain its name.

It is a very pleasant place to visit as the Manager has won the award for the best local bartender. This means that if you visit the distillery, you will be very well looked after.

The Iowa Distillery Company is committed to providing excellent spirits of very high quality. Whether you’re sipping these wonderful spirits at home or at the bar, there is something for everyone! These promote the idea of drinking the spirit however you like it best. Whether that’s alongside a mixer, or neat.

Paradise Distilling Company

The Paradise Distilling Company is great for creating award winning rums. The company creates very individual and unique flavors. Although the drink is technically run, it is not the type of rum that you would expect. You should sample the clear spirit named Island Bay or the Caribbean Mist. This has the flavors of a very fine cognac.

This distillery creates three different types of rum. Island Bay Rum is a cane sugar based run that is create and immediately bottled unaged. The White Sand Rum is another version of the Island Bay Rum. This rum, however, is infused with charred oak chips and it is aged for 7 weeks.

Caribbean Mist Rum is the third version of the rum that is made at this distillery. It is infused with the same charred oak chips as used above.

Artisan Grain Distillery

This is a great distillery in Iowa. It is very popular and definitely worth a visit. You should visit this distillery and attend a tour if you want to get the most from the visit! This distillery is home to lots of delicious drinks including bourbon and rum. At this distillery, you will have the chance to have fun and informative conversation, while you enjoy a delicious drink.

Mississippi River Distilling Company

In Iowa, the Mississippi River Distilling Company can be found in LeClaire. This is a place where people have often gone to feel the sense of calm on the river. The vodka, gin and whiskey all embody this spirit and they are all hand crafted by the company. These drinks are made from the finest grains that are found and harvested up the hill from the distillery.

These spirits are made for you rather than for the masses as they are very personal and they are made with the customers in mind.

Iowa Legendary Rye

Iowa Legendary Rye is also known as Canadian Whisky. The Rye comes from Iowa and it dates back to prohibition. It is made from all natural straight rye grain and it doesn’t contain any malted barley or corn mash. It is using 100 percent rye. Despite this being harder to produce, it is still what the Iowa Legendary Rye company uses as their product.

This adds a lot of worldly flavors. It is aged in American white oak barrels, bringing you American white oak barrels. The whisky has a delightful smoky flavor. This distillery sets itself aside from the others because of the assortment of flavors that it has to offer. You can try out all of the flavors to find the ones you like the most.

Everything in this distillery is done the old-fashioned way, so you will find that the whiskey has a great taste. Made from 100% rye, you really can’t go wrong with the products that this distillery has to offer.

Foundry Distilling Company

Foundry Distilling Company

This is a very highly rated distillery in Iowa. It is definitely one that is worth a visit! This company was started in 2002 by Scott Bush. He began working on whiskey in his apartment while he was a student. He comes from a line of people in the rye trade, as his great grandfather, Frank Schroeder, was an entrepreneur in the business during the prohibition.

Scotts company focuses on producing and distilling authentic spirits and whiskeys in Iowa with lots of local input. The products made at this distillery are there to please the customers, and so they are expected to be enjoyed in whatever way you prefer.

When you visit the Foundry Distilling Company, it is a good idea to take part in a tour to better understand how the whisky is made.

Lonely Oak Distillery

The Lonely Oak Distillery is a very popular and highly rated distillery in Iowa. It is definitely worth a visit! Born out of a dream, this distillery is there to serve the customers what they want. Small batches of craft spirits are made in this distillery, where the grains are also grown on the land.

All of this is done on the family farm owned by the Hoffmann family. This makes it a very family friendly community and the seeds and grains are even planted with love to create the best possible spirits.

Final Thoughts

So, now you have all the information you need on the top 10 highly rated distilleries in Iowa that are worth a visit. Go and check some of these out now and try the amazing spirits that they have to offer!

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