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History & Experiences of Iconic Spirits in Alaska

In our quest to share the most iconic distillery adventures across all 50 U.S. states, we can’t forget the craft spirit scene in the arctic wilderness of Alaska. And while you might not be planning a summer vacation to Alaska, there are certainly some distillery tours, craft spirits, and scenic Alaskan history to add to your bucket list. We’ve compiled a list of Alaska distillery tours and history spirits you’ll want to experience whenever you do decide to make the big trip up north.

Alaskan Spirits Distillery

On your visit through Anchorage, make a point to sample three legendary potato vodkas with Alaskan Spirits Distillery. Enjoy a family-friendly, 40-minute tour and taste vodka made by the Lockharts – born and raised Alaskans. It’s a true behind-the-scenes experience with a sampling of Regular Potato Vodka, Alyeska Blueberry Vodka, and Denali Firewood Vodka.

  • 7605 King St, Anchorage, AK 99518
  • (907) 243-SHOT (7468)

Anchorage Distillery

Experience frontier-crafted spirits made from glacier-fresh water and Alaskan grains at the Anchorage Distillery. Craft spirits here include Aurora Gin, canned Vodka Lemonade varieties, vodka, and whiskey blends. From tours to tasting rooms, you’ll find your new favorite here!

  • 6310 A St, Anchorage, AK 99518
  • (907) 561-2100

Uncharted Alaska Distillery

Uncharted Alaska Distillery is now open! Add the Uncharted Alaska Gin and Uncharted Alaska Vodka blends to your must-sample list. See what Travis Robbins, Mark Sivertsen, and Jack White are up to and browse the online menu. 

  • 319 Main Street, Ketchikan, Alaska 99901, United States
  • 907-225-1650

Port Chilkoot Distillery

Located in southeast Alaska, you’ll find some of the state’s most iconic handcrafted spirits at Port Chilkoot Distillery. Sample Boatwright Bourbon, Wrack Line Rye, 50 Fathoms Gin, Icy Strait Vodka, Green Siren Absinthe, and Seaworthy Rum.

  • 34 Blacksmith St, Haines, AK 99827
  • (907) 917-2102

Ursa Major Distilling

If your Alaskan travels take you to Fairbanks, make time to visit Ursa Major Distilling. Here, you’ll discover handcrafted spirits by “really picky Alaskans.” You’ll love the distillery tours and reservation-made tastings. Sip on small-batch akavit, rum, vodka, barrel-aged rum, gin, and assorted canned cocktails. 

  • 2922 Parks Hwy, Fairbanks, AK 99709
  • (907) 347-8951

Fairbanks Distilling Company

Another Fairbanks favorite includes the Fairbanks Distilling Company. Founded in 2012 by distiller and owner Patrick Levy, who reimagined the Old City Hall building. Using Yukon Gold potatoes and pure Fox Spring Alaskan water, you’ll sip on some of the smoothest 68 Below vodka. And E.T. Barnette’s Tanana River Naval Strength Golden Rum comes from molasses, brown sugar, cane, and local Fairbanks birch syrup.

Amalga Distillery

If your Alaskan adventure-seeking takes you to Juneau, you’ll definitely need to spend some quality time at the Amalga Distillery. Visit the tasting room and sip on Juneauper Gin and Single Malt Whiskey (when available.) And enjoy the craft spirits next to the bespoke Vendome Copper Pot still! Shop online to browse all the flavors and canned spirits available, too.

Skagway Spirits Distillery

Visit the small, family-operated distillery in Skagway, AK – it’s Skagway Spirits Distillery! And while it’s a small operation, it packs big flavors! Visit the tasting room and enjoy a Rhubarb Collins, Glacial Vodka, or a Bone Dry Gin.

  • 941 Alaska St, Skagway, AK 99840
  • (907) 983-2030

Hoarfrost Distilling

Add Hoarfrost Distilling to your must-tour distillery list, especially if you’re a vodka enthusiast. Here, the team calls itself “vodka specialists.” Each small batch is made with 100% Alaskan barley and the purest Alaskan water. Distilling is rigorous using a custom, high-efficiency still. Hoarfrost Premium Crystal Vodka is the flagship spirit. But other flavors include the Hoarfrost Premium Brilliant Vodka and hand-infused flavored vodkas. There’s also a full menu of liqueurs as part of The Alaskan Berry Collection.

  • 3501 Lathrop St STE F, Fairbanks, AK 99701
  • (907) 479-6128

Arctic Harvest

You can’t say you’ve visited them all until you’ve ventured up to the North Pole, Alaska, and experienced Arctic Harvest for yourself. This farm-to-bottle distillery is family-owned and proud to offer its own feed barley. Book a private tour or relax in the tasting room on Fridays and Saturdays. Craft spirits include Solstice Shine Moonshine Whiskey, Moonlit Winter Malt Whiskey, AK Northern Light Whiskey, Frozen Farmer Vodka, and, coming soon, the Alaskan Honey ‘Shine.

Big Swig Tours LLC

Let Big Swig Tours LLC guide you through the craft brews and spirits by bike, train, cruise, or shuttle in Anchorage, Alaska!

  • Shuttle Bus Stop, Downtown Log Cabin Visitor Center, Anchorage, AK 99501
  • (907) 268-0872

Frequently Asked Questions About Alaska’s Craft Spirit Scene

Learn all the legendary history of Alaska’s rich craft spirit scene before you go. And these FAQs can help you better prepare for a tantalizing distillery adventure.

Is it illegal to distill alcohol in Alaska?

Alaska is one of the limited few states that allows “legal” moonshining and backyard distilling, despite the federal regulations against it.

What alcohol is the state of Alaska known for most?

While you’ll find a host of tasty spirits to sample throughout the state, Alaska is most well-known for its vodka. And Alaska Distillery’s Smoked Vodka is almost always on everyone’s favorite list. It might also make yours.

What is the most popular bar cocktail in Alaska?

While straight vodka and tequila sunrise top many lists, one of the more “local legend” drinks to try is the “Duck Fart.” Often called Alaska’s one alcoholic claim to fame, the “Duck Fart” shot can be ordered in nearly every bar across The Last Frontier. There are various ingredients, but most contain Bailey’s, Kahlúa, and vodka.

Explore Alaska and All Other 50 States with Distillery Nearby

While Alaska isn’t a typical vacation hotspot for craft spirit enthusiasts, there are plenty of reasons to add it to the must-see bucket list. Start planning your Alaskan adventure and sip your way across a stunning landscape rich with history and chock-full of delightful spirits. And as you plan your summer vacations and yearly travels, don’t forget to check Distillery Nearby to locate incredible hotspot distilleries and craft spirit scenes you don’t want to miss! We’re your one source for all the latest distillery information, craft scenes, festivals, holidays, and spirit-related celebrations to experience.

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