How To Enjoy Vodka Responsibly In 2023

Vodka is the quintessential party drink, which young and old can enjoy in various settings. But it’s a relatively strong beverage that averages 40% ABV (alcohol by volume) in the United States. And there are even overseas brands, such as Polmos Spirytus Rektyfikowany Vodka, which have a whopping 96% ABV. Thus, it’s not a beverage that anyone should toy with, but take extra care when consuming it. 

And it’s crucial to be vigilant with this drink due to its high popularity. While there’s nothing wrong with being popular, this does have several downsides. Many brands have decided to capitalize on the meteoric rise of vodka, which doesn’t always benefit the consumer. Unfortunately, many low-tier brands have entered this market with substandard distilled spirits. 

While the consumer may benefit from lower prices and easier access to vodka, this also means that manufacturers opt for low-grade ingredients, which often contain impurities. Quite often, consuming even relatively low quantities of these cheaper vodkas will result in hangovers. Moreover, these hangovers can be nasty, whereby the drinker may experience raging headaches, nausea, and tremors. 

And if we’re all perfectly honest with ourselves, this is something most of us don’t want after a night of partying, right? We still want to recall those exciting moments from the night before without feelings of remorse — or dread! Fortunately, it’s possible to consume vodka without feeling ill the morning after or ending up in the hospital. And if you want to know how to enjoy vodka responsibly in 2023 and beyond, we’ve compiled this handy guide for you below! 

When And Where Was Vodka Invented?

That’s a challenging question to answer because there’s no historically accurate and fact-checked record of vodka’s origins. While many believe that vodka first appeared in Russia near the late 9th century, historians doubt this version of history. And that’s because the first distillery in the Russian town of Khylnovsk appeared in 1174. 

Another historical account states that Poland first created vodka around the 8th century. And yes, this was indeed a distilled spirit, but with the implementation of wine instead of water. The beverage tasted very different from the vodka we know today and more similar to brandy. Yet Poland only started manufacturing authentic-tasting vodka around the 11th century. 

But if that hasn’t made the origins of the beverage rather dubious, there’s yet another version of history! Some even believe that vodka originates from Sweden, but we can confirm there’s no truth to this account. 

This likely has more to do with the hype surrounding the Swedish brand — Absolut Vodka. The founder of this spirits giant, Lars Olsson Smith, became famous for his continuous distillation process back in the late 19th century. He was so renowned for his efforts in distillation, production, and distribution that he became known as the ‘Vodka King.’

With so many competing histories surrounding this simple yet alluring beverage, it’s little surprise that it confounds many.

Why Is Vodka So Popular Nowadays? 

Notable brands such as Absolut, Beluga, Belvedere, Grey Goose, Ketel One, Skyy, and Stolichnaya have expertly promoted their respective beverages. And to a degree, these have become lifestyle brands that many consumers crave. Their advertising and marketing efforts have been such that consumers closely associate them with fun, glamor, and wealth. 

Younger consumers are particularly susceptible to these marketing messages. And they will often try to emulate a way of life that seems out of reach. Many may even feel inclined to consume vodka in social settings for that all-important cool factor and status. Even though it’s a relatively inexpensive beverage, there are premium brands for those willing to spend more. 

But does drinking vodka make one cool, influential, and wealthy, especially if they’re young and impressionable? Obviously, not by a long shot, though that doesn’t change the perception younger consumers have of the top vodka brands. 

And to understand these consumers better, imagine what they would drink at glamorous party islands such as Ibiza or Mykonos. More often than not, they would opt for a vodka cocktail. And if they’re attending an EDM or thumping nightclub party, Red Bull with vodka would go down a storm! 

How Does Vodka Impact Young Drinkers?

We’ve already ascertained that younger consumers tend to gravitate toward vodka. But how does consumption of the beverage impact their health, and are there any known benefits? Due to its high ABV, vodka is unsafe to drink in large quantities, even by young and healthy individuals. It also doesn’t contain enough nutrients and minerals to consider it a healthy drink.

However, it’s a low-calorie beverage, making it a good choice for those on a diet. It also increases blood flow and improves blood circulation with the side benefit of lowering cholesterol and clots. Yet this isn’t a valid reason to consume it haphazardly without consulting a doctor first. And that’s because it also raises blood pressure, which may lead to other health complications best avoided. 

Some health practitioners may recommend vodka as an antiseptic, which may help with dental issues, skin pores, hair, and reducing fever. Nevertheless, everyone should learn how to enjoy vodka responsibly to protect their vital organs. Increased consumption often damages the brain, heart, liver, and pancreas. There’s also the risk of developing high blood pressure, leading to chronic health issues and a compromised immune system.

But How Does It Affect Older Drinkers?

As a general rule, those over 60 should limit their alcohol consumption, given the dangers discussed earlier. And those with chronic health issues should avoid alcohol altogether, which obviously includes vodka. Moreover, it’s not only damage to vital organs that older drinkers need to worry about, but several other issues. 

Given the high ABV of the beverage, it may impair vision and reaction times. Undoubtedly, this is extremely dangerous for those operating vehicles of any kind or heavy equipment. There’s also the risk of falling and fracturing bones or spinal cord damage, leading to paralysis or even death. 

Then, several diseases and health conditions lower the quality of life for older drinkers. These may include alcohol-induced dementia, depression, increased hypertension, muscle weakness, infections, sleep disorders, and strokes, to name a few. 

Furthermore, there’s always the risk of mixing medications with an alcoholic beverage, if available. That’s a deadly combination that increases the risk of organ damage and will more than likely cause the drinker to require intensive care.

How To Enjoy Vodka Responsibly By Picking The Right Setting

One of the biggest mistakes vodka drinkers make is picking the wrong locales. We mentioned earlier that vodka is a party drink, and that’s true. But parties, nightclubs, and large social settings promote a culture of excess, where people often lose self-control. Obviously, that’s never good for those that want to practice responsible and healthy drinking habits. 

So how can drinkers enjoy their vodkas without giving into the temptations of these types of settings? Well, it’s best to avoid these places altogether and choose alternatives with smaller and less exuberant crowds. While this may not sound fun — it’s for the best — and here’s why it will be one of the wisest things drinkers can do in 2023!

We recommend drinkers pick a small and cozy neighborhood bar that attracts sociable patrons. The idea is to be in a place where good conversation and drinking are not mutually exclusive. We’re talking about the kind of place where patrons know each other and are willing to share interesting stories about life and their day-to-day encounters. 

Preferably, avoid dive bars, as these usually offer cheap, low-quality drinks and food. The bars worth visiting should adhere to a certain quality standard surrounding their beverages, food, cleanliness, and service levels. More importantly, the bar shouldn’t have a reputation for attracting patrons that like to get drunk or get into fights. Overall, you’ll want to frequent a bar that’s as community-focused and respectable as possible.

Beyond The Neighborhood Bar

Perhaps the neighborhood bar we described above doesn’t seem compelling enough for you. Or you like the idea but need a few other options to mix things up. We hear you and are more than happy to offer several other recommendations of where you can enjoy your vodka

Consider visiting a rooftop bar or terrace, as most cities and even larger towns will have at least one. Popular international chains, such as Radisson Hotels, are renowned for their excellent rooftop bars. So, if you have one available near you, it may be worth visiting to enjoy a chilled vodka while taking in the phenomenal views of your city’s skyline. 

And consider visiting a cocktail lounge, which usually offers a more intimate environment. It’s also the ideal locale for a romantic rendezvous or hanging out with friends. Given that cocktail lounges tend to be upscale and expect patrons to dress smartly, these are places where responsible drinking is the norm. Thus, you’ll limit your vodka consumption as a matter of etiquette. 

Now, if you’re heading to Europe or live near the trendy part of town, you may want to visit a European-style cafe bar. But what makes cafe bars different from ordinary bars? 

Firstly, these establishments serve premium coffees and specialize in European cuisine (usually Mediterranean). Secondly, they feature outdoor dining areas where patrons can enjoy coffee, drinks, and food. And thirdly, they offer all kinds of alcoholic beverages and cocktails, but patrons usually consume these with a light snack. Generally, heavy drinking is frowned upon at these establishments, as they attract a more refined kind of patron.

Several Handy Tips On How To Enjoy Vodka Safely

We’ve already covered the health risks and dangers of consuming too much alcohol. But how much is overconsumption, especially for a young and healthy adult? A young adult should not drink more than four glasses containing an ounce (30 milliliters) of 40% ABV distilled spirits per day. And no more than ten glasses of the same quantity per week. 

So it’s crucial to keep track of your daily and weekly alcohol consumption and never exceed the above quantities. But be wary of bars and restaurants, as they’ll often exceed these quantities on a per-drink basis. Ask the barman to reduce the quantity or avoid drinking your beverage entirely. 

It’s also common practice for bars to offer complimentary drinks, but it’s best to pass up on these. Also, say no to shots and drinking games, as you’ll exceed your daily limit without realizing it. And before heading out, make sure to drink plenty of water and eat enough food. An empty stomach will make it easier for the alcohol to enter your bloodstream and faster for it to impact you.

In Conclusion

It’s no secret that vodka has become one of the most sought-after beverages for young partygoers and trendsetters. But due to its relatively high ABV, it also poses significant health risks if consumed in large quantities. Fortunately, there are workarounds for those that want to enjoy their vodka responsibly. It’s best to avoid the big parties and pick smaller and more intimate venues where there isn’t much incentive to drink heavily. Furthermore, it’s wise to keep track of consumption, drink plenty of water, and avoid pub crawls and drinking games. These sensible choices will allow drinkers to enjoy their vodka without damaging their health.

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