Miami Craft Spirit Producers

Miami Craft Spirit Producers

When you think of Florida, you think of two places: Orlando and Miami. While Jacksonville is the most populated city in the state, it’s Orlando and Miami that are known throughout the world.

It’s no wonder that so many visit Miami so often, nor is it a shock that it has become a growing hub for craft spirit producers.

If you’re considering visiting any of these fine facilities, don’t hesitate to check out what you can do nearby. But first, let’s talk about Miami.

About Miami

Miami is the place for tourism in Florida, second in the U.S. to New York City. It’s right by the sea, where you’ll find the busiest cruise port in the world.

Outside of its focus on beaches is its link to Latin America, where it has both commercial and cultural ties.

Miami is separated into four areas, where Downtown Miami is at its heart. When visiting, you should see how you enjoy Miami. But remember, there are two seasons here: hot and wet or warm and dry.

The hot and wet season occurs from May into October, while warm and dry occurs from November until April.

Local Distilleries

Three local distilleries in Miami are Miami Club Rum, Big Cypress Distillery, and Tropical Distillers. In this section, we’ll be taking a closer look at these distilleries to help you find the right one.

Miami Club Rum

Miami Club Rum Platinum was the first legal spirit produced in Miami. It won 11 worldwide competitions as the Best White Rum in the world.

Since then, Miami Club Rum has continued to be praised for its delicious drinks, and they have won numerous awards since 2013.

Found in the heart of the Little River Cultural District, Miami Club Rum is home to a micro-distillery. You can get a tour from them and even try tasting many of their drinks.

As Miami Club Rum is known for being the most mixable drink in Florida, you would be missing out if you didn’t enjoy a cocktail in the Gallery Tasting Room.

If you want to try any of their rums, you’ll be pleased to know that you can purchase bottles there. You can also buy bottles online to enjoy these Cuban-inspired rums.

Big Cypress Distillery


You can buy drinks from Big Cypress Distillery all over Florida, and it’s no wonder why.

Fernando Plata, the co-founder of Big Cypress, has always been honest and transparent about where their ingredients come from, and he’s always happy to talk with customers about their latest products.

At Big Cypress Distillery, you’ll find different flavors of gin and rum, and you can also try their drinks yourself by reserving a place on their tour.

They’re open from Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, and you can also see how their drinks are made at this time. However, you must reserve your spot in advance, as seating at Big Cypress is limited.

While visiting, you can try their cocktails, gin & tonics, buy bottles, and even enjoy snacks and merchandise. So why not stop by if you enjoy whiskey and rum?

Tropical Distillers


Tropical Distillers is one of Miami’s newest distilleries, and they’re open from Thursday, Friday, and Saturday but closed the rest of the week.

Every day they’re open, they hold a 4:30/5 PM tour and continue Happy Hour from 6 PM until Midnight.

Along with tours, they hold tasting experiences so you can learn more about their delicious recipes.

All tours are guided, and many of their drinks are on display when you visit, and then you can try their specially made cocktails.

Outside of tours and tastings, Tropical Distillers host live music on Fridays, where you can enjoy the tunes and appreciate some delicious food and drink.

If you miss out on Friday, don’t worry; they’re also open on Saturday until Midnight.

Of all the drinks, Tropical Distillers offer a unique selection of liqueurs, including Espresso, Lychee, and Citrus.

You can even learn how to make your own cocktails with the help of Tropical Distillers’ cocktail classes. So why not drop in for a visit?


Getting to Miami isn’t a challenge; it’s an international hub for any tourist. You can get a flight to Miami Airport or take an Amtrak train to reach the downtown station.

If you want to go to any of the distilleries, you don’t have to worry too much about driving either.

If you don’t want to drive, you can always take an Uber to your destination. However, if you want to see the sights, then feel free to use Miami’s public transport.

You can travel through the city and see the sights using the Metrorail, Metromover, and Metrobus services.

Things To See In Miami

If you visit Miami, you need to head over to any of Miami’s beautiful beaches, which are also accessible to any wheelchair user.

At the beach, you can relax, take a leisurely cruise to see the sights, or participate in watersports.

These beaches are known for their magnificent white sand and warm water, so you’d miss out by not stopping.

Of course, it also depends on where you’re visiting. You’ll notice various attractions depending on where you stop in Miami and which distillery you visit.

Let’s say you’re visiting Miami Club Rum, one of the nearest places to visit in Doral. While in Doral, you can go to the park, head downtown, or shop at Dolphin Mall.

When you’re visiting Big Cypress Distillery, you’ll notice many fun zoos to visit. If you’re visiting with family, you can also take the kids to the zoo when you’re done.

It offers a unique day out where you and your family can find something for everyone.

If you’re looking for anything to do nearby Tropical Distillers, you’ll notice a few museums nearby. Superblue is an immersive art exhibition that you will love.

If you’re intimidated by immersive art, you’ll also be pleased to find a contemporary art exhibition at the Rubell Museum. So feel free to find any interesting exhibitions near you.

Monuments In Miami

When visiting Miami, you’ll notice a wide range of monuments made to honor those who have lost their lives.

However, it’s not all bleak, as beautiful monuments were built to commemorate friendship and art.

One of the most well-known monuments is dedicated to the Bay of Pigs, only ten minutes from the Bay of Pigs Museum in the Little Havana District.

This monument is a memorial to those who were killed or wounded in the Bay of Pigs invasion.

If you’re in the Bayside area, you’ll be able to find the Torch of Friendship, which reminds everyone of the friendship between the United States and its neighboring countries.

Then, when you get to the Brickell Area, you’ll notice the Pillar of History, a piece of art made by a Cuban artist in the city.

Of course, there are other art pieces as well. Walking along Calle Ocho in Little Havana, you will find a selection of decorative roosters that were part of 2002’s Rooster Walk.

All of these were done by artists from Little Havana, with one of the artists being the deceased Tony Lopez.

While many statues look to the past, you’ll also find the Miami Bull sculpture outside Miami Dade College.

This masterfully crafted sculpture showcases the futuristic symbol of finance, which is perfectly at home in Miami.

Miami Culture

When you think of Miami, you think of magnificent beaches, parties, and hot weather. But there’s so much more to Miami than that.

Miami is home to a large Cuban American population; you can see it wherever you go.

Whether you’re visiting Little Havana or learning more about the history of Cuba, there’s so much to learn while visiting this beautiful city.

While you could go dancing, you can always travel to the city and enjoy the food and culture available in the area.

Miami is known for being one of the best cities to travel to, regardless of where you come from.

The Miami Food And Beverage Scene

If you’re visiting Miami, you’ll notice there is a large selection of restaurants to choose from. However, some cuisines are more popular than most.

Seafood is one of the most popular cuisines in Miami due to how close the city is to the sea.

But, you’ll also find that with a shared history with Cuba and Latin American countries, you’ll notice that Cuban cuisine is also incredibly popular here.

You need to try the Latin American dishes here, or you’re missing out on them.

When you’re in Miami for drinks, though, you can’t leave Mojitos out. Mojitos are the most popular drink in the city, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a delicious Daiquiri too.

Not everything is about alcohol, though, because while Mojitos are the best alcoholic drink, the top spot is the Cuban espresso: Cafecito.

Final Thoughts

Visiting Miami is a welcome treat for anyone, and there’s a reason it’s a central hub for tourism. Check out these distilleries and try local cuisine if you want to visit!

Check out our other articles to learn more about traveling to distilleries and the food available.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Month Is Best To Visit Miami?

It’s best to visit between March and May, when you can enjoy daily temperatures in the ‘70s.

Can I Enjoy Miami Without A Car?

Miami is such a large cosmopolitan city that you don’t need to have a car to have a good time. There’s plenty off public transportation, and you don’t have to own a car to have a good time.

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