Learn About National Watermelon Day & Watermelon Cocktails to Celebrate With!

With the scorching summer heat upon us in most areas of the country, what better way to beat it than with some sweet and refreshing watermelon? National Watermelon Day is coming up, and it’s the perfect time to relish this juicy fruit and add a splash of fun to your celebrations with some delightful watermelon cocktails. Today, we’ll learn about the origins of this special day and explore some easy-to-make, ultra-refreshing watermelon cocktail recipes! Let’s get started.

The Origins of National Watermelon Day

While we don’t know the exact origins of National Watermelon Day, one thing’s for sure: watermelons have been a favorite treat for ages. They are thought to have originated in Southern Africa and have since become a beloved fruit worldwide. 

When Is National Watermelon Day?

National Watermelon Day falls every year on August 3rd. This is a day where people come together to celebrate the goodness of watermelons and share their love for this delicious summer staple!

Is Watermelon a Fruit?

In botanical terms, a fruit is the mature ovary of a flowering plant, typically containing seeds. Watermelon fits this definition perfectly as it develops from the ovary of the watermelon flower and contains seeds.

Watermelon belongs to the botanical family Cucurbitaceae, which also includes other fruits like cucumbers, pumpkins, and squash. It is classified as a “pepo,” which is a type of berry with a thick rind and fleshy center filled with seeds.

While watermelon is often enjoyed as a sweet and refreshing treat, it is essential to recognize its classification as a fruit in botanical terms. So the next time you indulge in a juicy slice of watermelon, you can relish the fact that you’re enjoying a delicious fruit!

How to Use Watermelon in Cocktails

There are several ways to use watermelon in cocktails, all of which will contribute to your drink in different ways. Here are a few ways to use watermelon (as a flavor and as an ingredient) in your cocktails this summer:

#1: Blended Into Frozen Drinks

Using watermelon blended into frozen cocktails is a fantastic way to enjoy the refreshing flavors of this juicy fruit during hot summer days or whenever you need a cool and delightful beverage. Simply add chunks of watermelon into your blended frozen cocktail in place of simple syrup or another juice.

#2: Pureed or Turned Into Juice

You can also blend chunks of watermelon and use it like a puree or strain it to create watermelon juice. This is a great way to get the flavor of watermelon while also softening up intense cocktails like margaritas.

#3: Use It to Create Infused Liqueurs

You can also create your own watermelon vodka by infusing it with watermelon chunks. Keep in mind that this will lower the ABV and you have to be careful not to allow fermentation. However, a homemade watermelon liqueur can take your drinks from drab to fabulous in very little time this summer.

An alternative, of course, is to use pre-made watermelon liqueurs, but we didn’t think that was in the spirit of National Watermelon Day!

#4: Watermelon as a Garnish

Fresh watermelon also makes a fantastic garnish for your watermelon cocktails. It’s bold and colorful, but it also has a unique texture that loves soaking up alcohol. You could even create watermelon cube shots by soaking them in something like vodka. Get creative!

#5: Watermelon Ice Cubes!

Since watermelon has a high liquid content, you can very easily create watermelon ice cubes for your cocktails. Rather than watering down your cocktails with regular ice, watermelon them down!

#6: Watermelon Slush

You can also get super creative and freeze watermelon chunks, then blend them to create a watermelon slushy-type ingredient. Tequila or rum would go well with this (use spirits straight out of the freezer to avoid melting your slush), and you could incorporate herbs like basil if you like.

How to Pick the Perfect Watermelon

When it comes to picking the perfect watermelon, there are several popular ideas and tips that people swear by. Here are some of the most common and reliable methods to help you select a ripe and delicious watermelon:

Uniform Shape

Choose a watermelon that has a consistent, symmetrical shape. Avoid ones with irregular bumps or indentations, as this might indicate uneven ripening.


A ripe watermelon typically has a deep green color with dark green stripes. Avoid watermelons that are overly shiny or have a pale green color, as they might not be fully ripe.

Tap Test

Give the watermelon a gentle tap with your knuckles. A ripe watermelon should produce a deep, hollow sound. If it sounds dull or flat, it may be under-ripe or over-ripe.


Lift a few watermelons and choose the heaviest one among the same size. The weight indicates a high water content, which is a good sign of juiciness.

Ground Spot

On the bottom of the watermelon, there should be a creamy yellow spot, also known as the “ground spot.” This is where the watermelon sat on the ground to ripen. A darker, deeper yellow spot indicates better ripeness.

Rind Texture

The watermelon’s skin should be smooth, even, and free from cuts, bruises, or blemishes. Gently press your fingers on the watermelon’s rind. A ripe watermelon will yield slightly to pressure without being too soft or mushy.


A good watermelon should have consistent density throughout. If there are hard and soft spots, the ripening may not have been even.


Sniff the stem end of the watermelon. A sweet, fruity aroma indicates ripeness, while a lack of smell may mean it’s underripe.

Remember, while these tips can be helpful, there’s no foolproof method to guarantee a perfect watermelon. The best way to ensure you get a delicious one is to use a combination of these methods, trust your instincts, and give it a try!

Watermelon Cocktails to Try for National Watermelon Day:

Let’s put some of those techniques into action – right now. Get ready to raise a glass and celebrate the watermelon! We’ve got you covered with a selection of irresistible watermelon cocktails to try. So, grab your shaker, slice up some fresh watermelon, and let’s mix up some drinks for National Watermelon Day!

Watermelon Cocktail #1: The Watermelon Mojito

This fruity twist on the classic mojito will leave you feeling refreshed and invigorated. To make it, simply muddle a few fresh mint leaves and chunks of juicy watermelon in a glass. Add a splash of lime juice, a teaspoon of sugar (adjust to your taste), and some ice cubes. Pour in a shot of white rum and top it off with soda water. Give it a good stir, and there you have it – a delightful Watermelon Mojito!

Watermelon Cocktail #2: The Watermelon Margarita

Upgrade your margarita game with the vibrant flavors of watermelon. Blend together fresh watermelon chunks, 2 oz tequila, 1 oz triple sec, and 1 oz lime juice until smooth. Rim your glass with salt, fill it with ice, and pour in the watermelon margarita mix. Garnish with a slice of lime or a small watermelon wedge, and you’re all set for a fiesta in a glass!

Watermelon Cocktail #3: The Watermelon Vodka Cooler

Here’s a basic watermelon vodka drink to enjoy, if you prefer vodka over other clear spirits:

  1. Blend 2 c watermelon chunks until smooth and strain the juice to remove any pulp.
  2. In a shaker, combine the watermelon juice, 2 oz vodka, 1 oz lime juice, and ½ oz simple syrup with ice.
  3. Shake well and strain into a glass filled with ice.
  4. Top it off with soda water.
  5. Garnish with fresh mint leaves, and enjoy!

Watermelon Cocktail #4: The Watermelon Gin Fizz

If you’re a fan of gin, you have to try this one. The watermelon elevates the fruity aroma of the gin so well.

  1. Blend 1 ½ c watermelon chunks until smooth and strain the juice.
  2. In a shaker, combine the watermelon juice, 2 oz gin, 1 oz lemon juice, and ½ oz simple syrup with ice.
  3. Shake well and strain into a glass filled with ice.
  4. Top it off with club soda.
  5. Garnish with lemon slices and enjoy your refreshing Watermelon Gin Fizz!

Watermelon Cocktail #5: The Watermelon Basil Smash

This cocktail pairs basil with watermelon for a truly unique experience. Don’t knock it ‘till you try it!

  1. In a shaker, muddle a few basil leaves with 1 ½ c fresh watermelon chunks.
  2. Add 2 oz rum, 1 oz lime juice, ½ oz simple syrup, and ice to the shaker.
  3. Shake well and strain the mixture into a glass filled with ice.
  4. Garnish with a fresh basil sprig and enjoy!

Tips & Tricks for How to Make the Best Watermelon Cocktails for National Watermelon Day:

National Watermelon Day is the perfect time to whip up some delightful watermelon cocktails that will leave your taste buds dancing with joy. To ensure you make the best watermelon cocktails for this special occasion, here are some tips and tricks to guide you:

  1. Choose Ripe and Juicy Watermelon: We already covered how to pick the perfect watermelon above, but it deserves a mention here, too. Selecting the right watermelon is crucial for a flavorful cocktail. A sweet and juicy watermelon will yield the best-tasting cocktails.
  2. Fresh Watermelon Juice: For the most authentic watermelon flavor, use freshly pureed watermelon juice. Simply blend fresh watermelon chunks until smooth and strain the juice to remove any pulp or seeds. The natural sweetness of fresh juice will elevate the taste of your cocktails.
  3. Use Quality Ingredients: Opt for high-quality spirits like vodka, rum, tequila, or gin to complement the watermelon’s flavors. Freshly squeezed citrus juices, such as lime or lemon, add a zesty twist to the cocktails. Choose fresh herbs like mint or basil for added aroma and complexity.
  4. Experiment with Garnishes: Get creative with garnishes to enhance the visual appeal of your watermelon cocktails. Watermelon wedges, mint sprigs, lime wheels, or even a sprinkle of Tajín seasoning can add a burst of color and flavor to your drinks.
  5. Use Local Ingredients: From farm-fresh watermelon to spirits from local distilleries, local ingredients will create truly special watermelon cocktails. We encourage you to find a distillery near you and pick up some local, craft spirits today!

Distillery Nearby: Your Source for Watermelon Cocktail Ingredients for National Watermelon Day

Now armed with all of these tips, tricks, recipes, and knowledge, you’re all set to craft the best watermelon cocktails to celebrate National Watermelon Day! So, gather your ingredients from a distillery near you, unleash your creativity, and raise a toast to the delightful flavors of summer! And remember, you can always browse local distilleries in your area by clicking on your state’s name in our distillery directory.


From all of us at Distillery Nearby,

Happy National Watermelon Day!

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