New Jersey Craft Distillers Guild

New Jersey Craft Distillers Guild

Although America’s craft distillery business is booming, craft distilleries have only been active in New Jersey since 2013. Learn all about this relatively new industry in New Jersey and meet the distillers that make up the New Jersey Craft Distillers Guild.

While locals appreciate the incredible taste experiences these distilleries have to offer, businesses are still trailing behind the success of other states that have had active industries for years longer.

Unfortunately, this also means that the laws around New Jersey distilleries (and distillery licensing) have room for improvement, and distilleries need someone fighting their corner. 

This is where the New Jersey Craft Distillers Guild comes in. This organization was established to promote local distilleries, help the local economy, and weigh in on legislative decisions that affect the industry. In this article, we’ll be learning more about the guild, what they do, and how to join. 

What Is The New Jersey Craft Distillers Guild? 

The New Jersey Craft Distillers Guild is a non-profit organization that aims to represent and promote independent distilleries in the New Jersey area.

The distiller’s guild also aims to promote employment opportunities in the industry, make charitable donations, and offer plenty of support and outreach to those in need.

This voluntary organization makes significant contributions to the distillery industry in New Jersey and has a growing membership

Which Distilleries Are Members Of The New Jersey Craft Distillers Guild? 

Guild membership continues to grow, and it’s never been easier to become a member. Here are the New Jersey distilleries that are currently registered members of the guild: 

  • Milk Street Distillery
  • Jersey Spirits Distilling Co. 
  • All Points West Distillery
  • Corgi Spirits at the Jersey City Distillery
  • SIlk City Distillers
  • 3 BR 
  • Long Branch Distillery
  • Sourland Mountain Spirits 
  • Garden State Distillery
  • Colts Neck Stillhouse 
  • Asbury Park Distilling Co
  • Dachshund Distilling 
  • Mission Spirits
  • Striped Lion Distilling
  • Independent Spirits Distillery
  • Dog & Ram Spirits 
  • Nauti Spirits Distillery 
  • Cape May Distillery 

Allied Trade Members include: 

  • K. Sidrane 
  • Anton Paar 
  • Mod Tek
  • Arryved
  • Wiss
  • Grandstand 

Who Can Join The New Jersey Craft Distillers Guild? 

Whether you’re a licensed distillery (or a distillery in planning), an enthusiast, a business associate or allied trade, you can become a member of the guild.

The guild welcomes any members that want to help make a difference to the manufacturing state, and it’s easy to become a member. 

To become a member of the guild, simply fill out an application form via the website and send it back to the guild with your company logo and relevant membership fee. Once your membership has been accepted, you’ll be sent a contract to sign. 

Note: fees vary depending on which membership you require. For more information, contact the New Jersey Craft Distillers Guild. 

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What Does the New Jersey Craft Distillers Guild Do? 

The guild not only aims to promote local distilleries but it’s also involved in legislative efforts to improve business in the state. The New Jersey Craft Distillers Guild aims to build its membership and create a grassroots movement that will support legislation such as: 

  • The sale of non-alcohol drinks, pre-packaged foods, and virgin drinks on-site
  • Removing out-of-state delivery restrictions
  • Easing tour requirements 
  • Coordination with restaurants and desired food trucks 

Some of the current legislative efforts pursued by the guild include: 

NJ Senate Bill S3020

This bill aimed to provide an on-demand, affordable transit system with a capacity for at least 10 individuals. The vehicles should be electric motor vehicles or hybrid.

Discount fares will be available, and this public transportation will be available to all who need it, within the parameters of the bill. It was implemented in 2022.

NJ Assembly Bill A4908

This bill, implemented in December 2022, was pushed through to allow distilleries to sell mixed drinks and mixed ingredients for consumption off-premises, and it authorized the direct shipping of such drinks by the craft distilleries themselves. 

In 2021, the New Jersey Craft Distillers Guild was also involved in pushing through a bill that allowed distilleries to taste and sell products at local farmer’s markets.

With the help of this bill, local distilleries will be able to network with the local community and other manufacturers to promote their businesses and increase sales. This was a welcome bill for all distilleries, which suffered great financial losses during the pandemic. 

State Fees 

To establish a distillery in the state, you’ll need to apply for several licenses to legally manufacture spirits. Some of the licenses required include: 

  • Class A Distillery License: This costs $938 per year, and will allow your distillery to produce 20,000 gallons of alcohol per year
  • Class A Plenary Distillery License: This license will cost $12,500 per year, but it’s the go-to option for larger distilleries, as you’ll be able to produce an unlimited volume of alcohol at your still. 

Licensing Requirements 

In addition to the licenses listed above, you may also need to apply for other manufacturing licenses, including: 

  • TTB 5110.4: basic permit 
  • TTB 5100. 24 distilled spirit plant (this license will cover your distillation equipment) 

If you plan to manufacture ethanol fuel, you’ll also need to apply for the TTB 5110.74 federal license. 

If your alcohol has been produced with at least 51% of New Jersey raw materials, you can label your alcohol as “New Jersey Distilled”. However, you’ll need to pay a $938 license fee to do it. 

If you’re unsure which license (or licenses) you need to establish your own distillery in New Jersey, contact The Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) for more information. 

Distillery Restrictions 

  • You cannot ship more than 20 liters of distilled spirits per year 
  • Under some licenses, you cannot manufacture more than 20,000 gallons annually
  • You may not have anyone under the age of 21 on your premises
  • You cannot sell or ship alcohol to anyone under the age of 21 

The Bottom Line 

Although the New Jersey distillery industry is still in its infancy, it’s already proving to be a big success in the state.

Although the industry felt a pinch during the pandemic, the New Jersey Craft Distillers Guild has helped put New Jersey’s distilleries on the map, promote local businesses, and push through legislation that will help business owners meet customer needs, and keep making a profit. 

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