No One Knows Kentucky Bourbon Quite Like the Kentucky Bourbon Boys Tours

Kentucky is an American state known for several things, such as a Colonel that established the world’s most famous fried chicken brand (KFC) and the richly flavored Kentucky bourbon. Also, it’s a state partly bordered by the Appalachian Mountains and the Ohio River. Thus, the region’s inhabitants and visitors can immerse themselves in a stunning natural environment whenever they wish. 

The state’s capital is Frankfort, and Louisville is its largest city boasting a population of over 630,000 inhabitants. And similarly to many great American cities, it’s a multicultural and multifaith metropolitan area that has drawn people from all parts of the world. But considering that Louisville is home to two large manufacturing plants of the Ford Motor Company and the headquarters of GE Appliances, it’s easy to see why it attracts so many. 

Louisville is also a hub for the American whiskey industry and plays a crucial role in the production of bourbon whiskey. One of the most prominent manufacturers with headquarters here is Brown-Forman, which runs a distillery in Shively, a suburb in Louisville. And the family-owned Heaven Hill Distilleries operates the Bernheim distillery, renowned for its premium Kentucky bourbon whiskey. 

While Louisville is at the center of this exciting industry, it’s not the only player in the region. Smaller neighboring cities such as Loretto, Lawrenceburg, Clermont, and Bardstown have prestigious distilleries too. And one of the best ways to explore these distilleries is via the Kentucky bourbon trail. But given the overwhelming variety of distilleries in the region, travelers are spoiled for choice. We’ll take a look at what the Kentucky Bourbon Boys Tours have to offer thirsty adventurers!

What makes the Kentucky Bourbon Boys Tours special?

Kentucky Bourbon Boys started life as a small family outing of novice bourbon enthusiasts. They consisted of nine men and one woman, with the latter on driving duties during their first outing in 2011. Ultimately, this outing proved successful, leaving all participants elated with many memorable stories to share.

And on their second outing, they explored more distilleries, and an exciting new idea started to percolate through this group. What if they could introduce more people to these fantastic distilleries? And what if they could expose visitors to Kentucky’s rich culture, history, and super tasty bourbon? It was simply an idea that needed to take form, and fortunately, it has!

By 2015, Kentucky Bourbon Boys started operating as a legitimate business. The tour group offers its services to travelers from all walks of life yet treats everyone as close friends. And this friendly and family-like way of doing business has made this tour group a hit with travelers with Americans and those from abroad.

What to expect from a custom private tour along the Kentucky bourbon trail? 

One of the benefits of booking a custom private tour is that travelers have control over which distilleries they’ll visit. They may pick three distilleries from a specific region, and the Kentucky Bourbon Boys Tours team will handle the rest. Here are listings of the distilleries of each region applicable to these custom tours: 

Bardstown region

  • Bardstown Bourbon Company
  • Boundary Oak
  • Heaven Hill 
  • Jim Beam 
  • Independent Stave Company
  • Limestone Branch
  • Log Still Distillery
  • Lux Row
  • Maker’s Mark
  • Old Samuels
  • Preservation
  • Willett

Frankfort & Lexington regions

  • Barrel House 
  • Bourbon 30
  • Buffalo Trace
  • Bulleit Distilling Co.
  • Castle & Key Distillery 
  • Four Roses
  • Hartfield & Co.
  • James E. Pepper Distilling Co.
  • Jeptha Creed
  • Lexington Brewing & Distilling
  • Whiskey Thief Distilling Co.
  • Wilderness Trail 
  • Woodford Reserve

Louisville and surrounding regions

  • Angel’s Envy
  • Evan Williams Experience
  • Jeptha Creed
  • Kentucky Artisan 
  • Michter’s Fort Nelson Distillery
  • Neeley Family Distillery
  • Old Forester
  • ​Peerless 
  • Rabbit Hole
  • Stitzel-Weller
  • Uncle Boojie’s

Each private tour lasts approximately nine hours, with admission to two distilleries with tastings and only a tasting at the third distillery. And each tour costs $1,044 (Sunday to Thursday) or $1,164 (Friday or Saturday) for the vehicle capable of transporting one to six adults. There’s also an additional $45 (plus 6% tax) charge per person on any day. 

Additional people to a tour group will pay more at $219 plus 6% tax (Sunday to Thursday) for 7 to 14 adults and $239 plus 6% tax (Friday or Saturday). For 15 adults or more, it’s $1,400 for the vehicle and $219 plus 6% tax per person (Sunday to Thursday) or $239 plus 6% tax per person (Friday or Saturday).

FAQ’s About the Kentucky Bourbon Boys Tours

When should one book a tour, and is it possible to cancel?

It’s preferable to book at least three months ahead to avoid disappointment. These tours are popular with travelers and often become fully booked around Kentucky Derby Week. And yes, it’s possible to cancel, but this must happen 31 days or more before the booked tour date. However, Kentucky Bourbon Boys Tours will only refund 75% of the cost of the tour. If the cancellation occurs within 30 days or less, the tour group may only offer a gift card for future bookings. 

Will travelers stop by any restaurants during the custom private tour?

Yes, travelers will also visit a restaurant that Kentucky Bourbon Boys has chosen that best fits an outing. The tour group has partnered with several notable local restaurants along the bourbon trail, which ensures a reasonably good quality level.

Can travelers take photographs inside the distilleries?

The majority of distilleries will allow visitors to take photographs. And although it’s uncommon, a few distilleries may prohibit photography. 

Is smoking or vaping allowed? 

Most distilleries are explicitly non-smoking zones, but a few do have dedicated smoking areas. Always ask if you may smoke if you’re unsure about a distillery’s smoking policy.   

Is it necessary to provide identification?

In most cases, some form of identification, such as a driver’s license, will be required by distilleries. Military personnel and veterans may show identification to receive special discounts at some venues along the tour.

In conclusion

Most of the world’s bourbon originates from Kentucky. Furthermore, the state is home to a plethora of prestigious bourbon brands and distilleries. That’s enough reason to cause any Kentucky bourbon enthusiast to visit this historical state for its delicious brews. Be sure to check Distillery Nearby regularly for all the latest news on bourbon, tastings, and tours!

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