Plan Your Next Distillery Adventure to the Keystone Craft Spirits Trail

You may be familiar with Pennsylvania’s expansive farmland and rolling hills. You may even know that it’s the birthplace of Hershey’s chocolate, the home of the Liberty Bell, and home to America’s origins. But did you know that Pennsylvania is also known for the Keystone Crafts Spirits Trail? Today, we wander the picturesque state of Pennsylvania so you can plan your next distillery adventure to the Keystone Craft Spirits Trail 

Do give yourself several days for these distillery tours. Let’s get started with the best distilleries.  

Old Republic Distillery in York, Pennsylvania

This distillery is a veteran and woman-owned distillery that opened in 2013. It’s claim to fame? It’s the first limited distillery in York County since the times of Prohibition! They use fresh fruit, premium molasses, and non-GMO white corn in their small batched distilled spirits.  

You’ll enjoy tastings and craft tours of their amazing spirits. Here are just a few of them:

  • Battlefield Vodka – smooth and 80-proof
  • Battlefield Blueberry Vodka – naturally flavored without the sweetness
  • Gates House Rum – bursting with notes of banana and butterscotch
  • 1741 Gold Rum – aged over a year in used bourbon barrels
  • Apple Pie Moonshine – made with local apples with a hint of cinnamon

Don’t forget to also check out their Tavern in Ephrata, Pennsylvania.

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Spirits Distilling Company in Manheim, Pennsylvania

This distillery is located on the grounds of the 200-year-old Mount Hope Estate. This estate was the summer home of four generations of the Grubb family. They were an early American iron family that came here from England. They purchased the estate in 1770, and the Federal Period Mansion was built in the early 1800s.

It wasn’t until the 1980s that the winery and distillery came to be. Today, this sprawling estate is home to the Mount Hope Winery and Spirits Distilling. It’s also the home of the more than month-long Pennsylvania Renaissance Fair.

The distillery produces hand-crafted spirits for the year-round events that go on at the estate all year. 

You’ll find these craft spirits and many more at this distillery: 

  • Añejo Tequila is smooth and aged for two years.
  • Blanco Tequila is crisp with hints of citrus.

 Socialite Gin is a spicy, complex Prohibition recipe from Daisy Grubb’s secret stills.

  • Socialite Vodka is blended with water from Mount Hope’s artesian wells.
  • Aged Bourbon Whiskey that’s aged for two years.
  • Beguiling Blonde Whiskey is just like it sounds!

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Feeling Cocky in Hanover, Pennsylvania

Their goal is to redefine the drinking experience and create memorable moments for people. Their blends are as unique as their name, and this is one distillery you want to visit. 

All their hooch is named for things that were prominent in the Prohibition era. You’ll run into these spirits when you stop by for a craft tour:

  • 18th Amendment Apple Pie hard cider
  • Hen House Butterscotch
  • 1.1 Million Cherry
  • Moonshine Mary Cinnamon
  • Cassiday Blackberry
  • Duffy Banana
  • The Real McCoy
  • Capone White Lightning

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Stoll and Wolfe in Lititz, Pennsylvania

On this distillery tour, you’ll experience more than 275 years of local whiskey-making traditions. They’ve had this long to perfect Pennsylvania Rye Whiskey!

The site of this distillery (at the time, it was the Bomberger distillery) has a history of spirit production dating all the way back to 1753. It’s additionally listed on the National Register of Historic Places and officially declared a National Historic Landmark.

Their whiskey is legendary and well-known in the world of bourbon aficionados. You’ll find these fine, award-winning spirits at Stoll and Wolfe:

  • Pennsylvania Straight Rye Whiskey Distilled by Dick Stoll – you’ll enjoy rye and cinnamon flavor as well as dried apricot, thyme, and maple syrup, followed by the rich oaky flavors of brown sugar and toasted coconut with hints of vanilla and pear.
  • Blend of American Straight Whiskeys, Casks Blended and Selected by Dick Stoll – enjoy peppery young rye with flavors of white pepper, crème caramel, and banana bread.

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Battlefield Brew Works and Spirits of Gettysburg Distillery in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

This is Pennsylvania’s oldest operating brewery and distillery combo housed under one roof. They are also housed in a historic Civil War building. An award-winning distillery, you’ll love their Pennsylvania Dutch brick-end barn that was built around 1848. Amazingly, it still stands as it was part of one of the largest Confederate field hospitals.

Here are a few of the spirits you’ll find when you visit: 

  • Double Distilled Vodka has won medals in both national and international competitions.
  • Fair Gin Moment is a London Dry style gin and another award winner.
  • Burnt Bum Rum – They bring this rum from the Virgin Islands and barrel age it in their own Rye barrels.
  • Old Hero Bourbon is a high-rye bourbon whiskey that’s barrel-aged for more than two years.

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Hidden Still Spirits in Lebanon, Pennsylvania

Housed in the old Hershey Company recycling facility on Chocolate Avenue, they are committed to preserving history and providing the best PA straight bourbon whiskey.

A few of their amazing spirits include: 

  • Hidden Still Whiskey
  • David E. Wheated Bourbon
  • Hidden Still Blue Eyed Six Whiskey
  • Hidden Still Agave Spirit Gold
  • Hidden Still Craft Vodka
  • Hidden Still Gin

 Don’t forget their amazing chef-led restaurant when you visit.

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Frequently Asked Questions About This Adventure

Does Pennsylvania have a lot of craft distilleries?

Yes! Pennsylvania is one of the top 10 states with the most distilleries. 

What parts of the United States does the Keystone Crafts Spirits Trail cover?

The trail is mostly in Pennsylvania. It covers York, Gettysburg, Lebanon, Baltimore, and parts of Philadelphia.

How long does it take to complete the Keystone Craft Spirits Trail?

The self-guided distillery tour crosses several county lines, including York County, in Pennsylvania, so we recommend breaking your tour up into several days if you can. 

Time to Head Out on Your Distillery Adventure

If you’re looking for craft cocktails and the most amazing distillery adventure, the Keystone Crafts Spirits Trail is for you. Most of the distilleries are in and around York County, which is the birthplace of American whiskey. 

Your self-guided tour is one of a kind as you not only enjoy the best spirits in the area, but you get a taste of history and Americana. 

If you want more information about the best craft distillery experiences near you in Pennsylvania, the Craft Spirits Trail, or other places in the United States, please visit It’s your ultimate guide source for whiskey, bourbon, vodka, gin, and other spirits.

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