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See the Stunning Landscape & Taste These Incredible Craft Spirits in Idaho

If you’re a craft spirit and distillery tour enthusiast with plans to travel out west, make time to pitstop in Idaho! Known worldwide as the “Gem State” because of its gem-rich lands and unofficially as the “Spud State” for its potato production, Idaho is also an incredible hotspot for craft spirits. Come for the gorgeous mountain views and plot your spirit-sampling course through these brilliant flavors and Idaho distillery adventures

Bardenay Restaurant and Distillery

This distillery gem in the Gem State was actually the first public space distillery in the country when it opened in 2000. Kevin Settles, the owner, said he always envisioned a place where customers could enjoy their spirits in the very same place they were created. 

There are three Idaho distillery locations, one in Eagle, one in Boise, and one in Coeur d’Alene. And at every one, you can expect a craft spirit and cocktail experience. 

Spirits produced here include full-bodied gins and crisp vodka blends, along with specialty spirits like Ginger Rum, Lemon Vodka, and Banana Liqueur.

Grand Teton Distillery

Of all the mountain ranges in the west, some of the most beautiful are The Grand Teton Mountains. And the Idaho city of Driggs backs right up the distinctive mountain range. It’s also the home of the Grand Teton Distillery, one of the most iconic places to produce vodka.

This distillery came to life in 2011 and started winning awards by 2013. The in-house European-style Potato Vodka is the reason thousands visit Driggs, Idaho. The potatoes for this ultra-smooth vodka come right from the Idaho soil, and the water drains straight from the Grand Teton Mountains. And the Grand Teton Distillery uses its winning Potato Vodka as a base for its vibrant Huckleberry Vodka. The Cherry Vodka is exclusive to the tasting room and by reservation only.

Fun fact about this distillery, Channing Tatum became interested in this legendary vodka and collaborated with the distillery on its “Born and Bred” small batch Potato Vodka.

44°​​​ North Vodka

The 44°​​​ North Vodka founders, Ken Wyatt and Ron Zier, joined the craft spirits movement of the early 2000s and launched this now-iconic distillery in 2004. And because its spirits sell all over the US, it’s one of the most widely distributed of all Idaho spirits.

Like most distillery founders, the focus here is on quality ingredients and patient processing. It starts with locally grown potatoes, but there’s more to it. The distillery’s name refers to the 44th parallel, which is the precise area on the Idaho map where potatoes grow at their finest. These craft spirit blends come from Russet and Burbank potato varieties.

The Mountain Huckleberry Vodka is the 44°​​​ North Vodka’s flagship spirit. However, new blends are and continue to arrive, including the Huckleberry Creme Liqueur and whiskey varieties.

Koenig Distillery, an Idaho Distillery Must-See

There’s a paradise of orchards and vineyards that follow the Sunnyslope Wine Trail near Caldwell, Idaho. And locals flock to these orchards for the season’s freshest fruit. And Andrew Koenig grew up with these traditions, which is what inspired him to start distilling in the area.

Koenig Distillery offers a full range of high-quality spirits, including deliciously fruit-infused brandies, smooth vodkas, and delectable whiskey varieties. All the fruits used come from Koenig’s own orchards, which you’ll recognize on your Idaho Distillery tour.

Try the 7 Devils Sunnyslope Honey Whiskey while you’re here, made with honey produced right on the distillery grounds. 

Warfield Distillery & Brewery

For those craft spirit enthusiasts who visit Idaho for the skiing adventures at Sun Valley, you’ll likely be right next door to Warfield Distillery & Brewery. Alex Buck and Ben Bradley founded this distillery in 2015, originally as a place for local skiers to relax with craft spirits. It has since blossomed into a full restaurant and brewery in addition to its Idaho distillery roots. 

The flagship spirit here is the signature gin. It’s certified organic, which is an absolute rarity in the gin-making industry. In fact, everything on the sipping list is organic, and the owners joke that these spirits are “practically health foods.”

You’ll also enjoy the distillery’s dark spirits, including Warfield’s new whisky, which has already earned a few gold medals from competitions.

Other Idaho Distillery Tours for the Bucket List

In addition to the prominent distilleries above, start exploring these other incredible Idaho distillery adventures!

Frequently Asked Questions About Idaho Distillery Adventures

Check out below some of the most often-asked Idaho distillery-related questions for quick answers to aid in your travel planning.

What liquor is made in Idaho?

The country’s absolute best potato vodka only hails from one place – Idaho. Idaho produces the world’s finest and most coveted Russet and Burbank potatoes. The Gem State is also the birthplace of Blue Ice Vodka. 

What’s the difference between an Idaho craft distillery and an Idaho distillery?

There are “distilleries,” and then there are “craft distillery experiences.” According to the American Craft Spirits Association, the craft distillery values transparency in the distilling process, is forthcoming about ingredients, and is diligent about traditional preservation. Craft distilleries prioritize the sourcing, the location, the process, and the aging just as much as the finished spirit product itself.

Do they make vodka in Idaho?

Many of the craft distillers in Idaho produce high-quality potato vodka blends, of course, because it’s potato country. Vodka here will have distinct profiles you won’t find with other varieties.

What whiskey comes from Idaho?

Seven Devils is the first whiskey made in Idaho at Koenig Distillery, using spring-fed water from the Seven Devils mountain range. But other distilleries are also producing smooth and rich-flavored whiskey blends, worth adding to your craft spirit bucket list.

Whether you’re heading out to The Grand Teton Mountains to hike or ski, plan your adventures around these legendary Idaho distillery tours. And wherever your travels take you, take Distillery Nearby with you to find all the best distilleries and details for craft spirits near you.

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