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Enjoying Yourself without the Hangover: 18 Tips

With so many delightful spirits and cocktail varieties out there, you’d want to sample them all. But then, reality sets in, and so does the buzz kill of the thought of a hangover. From headaches to being couch-ridden all day with Netflix, hangovers can ruin your whole post-celebrating day.  But there are ways you can […]

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12 Reasons to Not Try Your Hand at Making Moonshine

When you hear the word moonshine, what’s the first image that comes to mind? Do you imagine shadowed figures huddled around a home distillery in the backwoods? Or maybe you instantly picture gangsters and speakeasies during the Prohibition era?  Whatever the case, even today, moonshine still carries a mixed reputation. Despite a colorful history and […]

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Cocktail Favorites of Today’s Millennials

Depending on your age and generation, some cocktails and spirits are just more popular than others. And a lot goes into how and why certain drink trends take off like they sometimes do. But if you talk to the veteran bartenders, mixology specialists, and distillery enthusiasts, they’ll tell you exactly what’s catching everyone’s attention these […]

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Aperitifs & Digestifs: How Cocktails Fit with Dinner

Let’s get French, shall we? When it comes to cocktails, there’s an occasion that calls for almost every drink. Celebrations, toasts, memorials, relaxing, first dates, and partying all call for something special. But cocktails are also enjoyable at mealtime. Two of the most important meal time bookends are aperitifs and digestifs.  Here’s where we get […]

Cocktails in the Movies: 15 Legendary Drinks On Screen

Movies inspire and delight us as they take us to a fantasy world that allows us to escape the realities of everyday life. Part of this fantasy world is seeing larger-than-life characters sipping on perfectly crafted cocktails. While actors may not actually be drinking alcoholic cocktails in the movies, they influence us to rediscover a […]