12 Misunderstood Myths About Bourbon

Bourbon has immensely grown in popularity. According to a report from the Distilled Spirits Council, in 2019, America alone consumed a staggering $4 billion worth of the spirit. Combined with the insatiable need for this whiskey, people also crave knowledge. Seeking to know what they are drinking, all the ingredients used, and the entire production […]

These 23 Spirits Make Amazing Gifts

We often struggle to pick the ideal present when the holidays set in. Always seeking to get amazing gifts that will indeed wow your recipients. If your target receiver is a spirit enthusiast, then a bottle of whiskey will never disappoint. Studies show that during the holiday season, 48.6% of people will buy an alcoholic drink […]

Stump Your Friends with These Little-Known Facts About Cognac

Cognac, named after Cognac town in France, is a popular drink considered one of the finest spirits. Studies show that Cognac’s market has been steadily rising over the past five years, and this trend will continue, indicating that more people are partaking in this fine drink. Here are some little-known facts about Cognac you probably didn’t […]