How To Enjoy Vodka Responsibly In 2023

Vodka is the quintessential party drink, which young and old can enjoy in various settings. But it’s a relatively strong beverage that averages 40% ABV (alcohol by volume) in the United States. And there are even overseas brands, such as Polmos Spirytus Rektyfikowany Vodka, which have a whopping 96% ABV. Thus, it’s not a beverage […]

9 Best Alcohol Varieties for Shots

Shots are a fun way to take alcohol, more so while you are chilling with your friends. The challenge arises in finding the ideal alcohol for the shots. Whether you love traditional drinks or you’re looking for something new, here are the nine best alcohol varieties for shots. 1. Bourbon Initially, bourbon was meant for […]

22 Cocktails to Drink If Your Calorie Conscious

Cocktails provide an ideal way to unwind after a long tiresome day at work. However, if you’re counting calories, and trying to lose or maintain weight, finding a cocktail with a low-calorie amount can be challenging.  You are not alone; studies show that 45% of people worldwide are trying to get rid of the extra pounds. This […]