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The 4 Best Distillery Experiences in the Pacific Northwest

Are you heading to the Pacific Northwest or living in the area? If so, we have compiled a fantastic list of the four best distillery experiences in the Pacific NorthwestYou’ll not only enjoy amazing spirits, but you’ll spend some time in the beautiful countryside of the Pacific Northwest. So, let’s get right to it with these incredible distillery experiences. 

1. Macaloney’s Island Distillery in Victoria, British Columbia

If you want something special, you will be excited to visit the distillery that created the World’s Best Pot Still Whiskey, Macaloney’s Kildara! They earned this award at the World Whiskies Awards, a competitive international whiskey competition where you’ll find judges blind tasting more than 1500 whiskeys. 

Macaloney’s Island Distillery makes single malt whiskey perfectly as it matures in their island warehouse. They use the finest Canadian barley and fine-tune it, making whiskey like traditional Scottish distillers. Moreover, they take it one step further using hand-hammered Forsyth’s copper pot stills.

Their whiskey began years ago with a Scottish gentleman, Graeme Macaloney, who moved to Canada and started making his own beer and whiskey. He put together a top-notch team and a master distiller who had worked in nearly 20 Scottish whiskey distilleries. With investors in hand, the distillery began.

Their entire staff is proud to show you how they craft their beer and whiskeys in a tour. You have two options:

  • A traditional tour walks you through their process with plentiful tastings. You can touch, taste, and feel all their ingredients. The price is $26.20 per person, and you do need to make a reservation.
    • After your tour, you can relax in their lounge, tasting room, and patio area for an all-day (and night) experience. 
    • The staff serves you in traditional Scottish kilts, and you can enjoy a flight of whiskey, a full pint of beer, and more. It’s a great feeling in an authentic Scottish pub!
  • You can take a free 3D virtual tour right on their website.

This is a great distillery experience, and you just might feel like you’re in Scotland!

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2. Westward Whiskey in Portland, Oregon

Next on your stop is Westward Whiskey, which embodies the spirit of the American Northwest. They are dedicated to completing the entire process at their facility, where the whiskey is brewed, distilled, matured, and bottled.

A free-spirited bunch, Westward began in 2004. The founders wanted to make a whiskey that still respected the tradition of whiskey but was entirely new from the Northwest. They say they are “beholden to whiskey” and not the traditions around it. The intention was to “set whiskey free.”

This unique spin on whiskey distilling makes Westward one of the best distillery experiences. They brew their whiskey like a craft ale using local barley and ale yeast, then they distill it like a single malt, followed by a bourbon-like aging process.

Their whiskey is aged in toasted and charred American oak barrels, and the end flavor is earthy, spicy, and fruity.

For $35 per person, you’ll enjoy a tour of the home of the highest-rated American Single Malt whiskey. Your tour includes a look at the production process, from bringing in the grain and transforming it to a look at the distillation and aging process. You wrap up your tour in their tasting room, where you can enjoy their award-winning whiskey.

They also offer whiskey and cocktail experiences, an old-fashioned social, and many more fun and educational events. 

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3. Grand Teton Distillery in Driggs, Idaho

Nestled in the Tetons, Grand Teton Distillery was founded originally in 2011 and is a family-owned and operated distillery. Seated 6500 feet up, they harness the goodness of mineral-rich glacial snowmelt. 

In addition, they use world-famous Idaho® potatoes in their award-winning vodkas (Grand Teton Potato Vodka) and whiskeys. They are proud to say they use only local and regional ingredients. 

The pure Rocky Mountain spring water is what sets this distillery apart. What’s more, they distill their vodka 20 times in small batches and freeze filter six times through charcoal and garnet crystal sand for a clean, soft spirit.

Their tours are easy to come by because they are every hour on the hour. Even better, their tours are $5 per person over 21, and those under 21 are free. You make reservations online by selecting your day, time, and number of guests. They do limit tours to eight people per group. 

You can enjoy their tastings for free all day long. You don’t need a tasting reservation, but they do give priority to tour guests.

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4. Oola Distillery in Seattle, Washington

This distillery is so unique, and that starts with the name: the founder named it after OOLA, the “greatest German Shepherd who ever lived.” 

The founder and head distiller was a foodie with a passion for wine and cocktails. Originally an art dealer in Paris, Brussels, New York, and San Franciso, he also had a passion for raising milk goats and creating art while living in Tahiti. 

He brought that creative spirit to the way he creates Oola whiskeys, and this is one tour you don’t want to miss.

Their hour-long tours are $25 and include everything you want to know regarding how they make their whiskey, gin, and vodka, made on-site grain to glass. And, yes, tastings are included. For an extra $20, you also get a goodie bag with three 50ML samples of their flagship bourbon, gin, and vodka and an Oola hat!

Book early, as tours are limited to 16 guests.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What states are in the Pacific Northwest?

Generally, people consider the Pacific Northwest to include Oregon, Washington state, Idaho, and the Canadian province of British Columbia.  

What’s the Northwest Whiskey Trail?

This is an international trail that moves through British Columbia, the state of Washington, and Oregon. It’s a self-guided trail that features seven distilleries. 

What states have the most craft distilleries?

The states of Washington, California, and New York have the most. Sometimes people think of northern California as part of the Pacific Northwest, too. 

Hit the Pacific Northwest for the Best Distillery Experiences

Beautiful scenery and great-tasting craft spirits are on tap as you explore the American and Canadian Northwest. You won’t soon forget these unique distillery experiences!

If you want more craft spirit information about the best distillery experiences in the Pacific Northwest, please visit It’s your ultimate online source for whiskey, bourbon, vodka, gin, and other spirits.  

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