The 6 Best Craft Distilleries to Explore in Delaware

Delaware is rich in history and natural beauty and boasts a thriving beverage scene. With a passion for artisanal spirits and a commitment to quality, the distilleries in Delaware are making waves in the craft beverage industry. From small-batch whiskey to unique gin blends, these Delaware distillery experiences offer visitors an opportunity to experience the artistry and innovation behind their handcrafted creations. Join us as we explore the three best craft distilleries in Delaware.

6 Best Distilleries to Visit in Delaware

Delaware’s bustling cities, vast farms, and serene villages are home to some of the best local distilleries in the country. These Delaware distillery facilities offer a lot to visitors like you, from behind the scene tours and craft specialty experiences to live entertainment. If you are planning a visit to the state, these craft distilleries are a must-visit:

1. Beach Time Distilling

  • 32191 Nassau Rd #5, Lewes, DE 19958

Situated on a stunning cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean, Beach Time Distilling is the proud producer of ultra-premium handcrafted spirits distilled in limited quantities. The distillery offers one-of-a-kind tours offering visitors unique ways to deeply immerse into the state’s cultural heritage and traditions. During your tours, skilled experts will be handy to take you through all the steps of the distilling process. Experience the inner workings of the fermentation process and see all the distillation machinery that works in tandem to deliver the best aromas and flavors in your favorite beverage. At the end of your tour, sit in the barrelhouse and sample a flight of different beverages. Tours are held every Saturday at 11 am and last for up to 60 minutes. Each tour session has a limit of eight people. Make sure to leave with a great collection of spirits for gifts.

2. Big Oyster Brewery

  • 1007 Kings Highway Lewes, DE 19958

Does your itinerary include a trip to Delaware’s beaches? Whether you are an oyster lover or a unique brew enthusiast, the Big Oyster Brewery is a recommended stop. When it comes to craft beer, Big Oyster has carved a niche as a big player producing some of the most notable labels, including Hammerhead, Noir et Blue, and Solar Power. Bursting with great flavor, the brewery offers enthralling tours where visitors learn the behind the scene happenings never revealed before. Experience the craft beer-making process firsthand, from processing ingredients to rotating barrels to packaging and labeling. You will also enjoy tasty bites and a spacious, relaxing backyard view.  

3. Painted Stave Distilling

  • 106 W Commerce St, Smyrna, DE 19977

Located in a beautifully restored movie store, Painted Stave Distilling is known for its crafts and premium spirits produced from fresh ingredients sourced from regional farms. It started as a bourbon distillery in late 2013 but later joined the growing craft distillery bandwagon to release the bottled in-bond whiskeys version. The distillery blends past traditions with today’s innovative technology to produce fashion-noteworthy spirits loved across the country. Their sip-and-see tours showcase the fascinating process of distilling fine rye whiskeys from scratch to the finish. Swing by the distillery to familiarize yourself with all the elements of the whiskey-making process. They are open for cocktails, beverages, and tastings every Thursday through Sunday. 

4. Dogfish Head Distilling Company

  • 6 Cannery Village Center, 6 Village Center Blvd

In 1995, Dogfish Head started as a brewery in Rehoboth and later shifted to distilling a range of gin, vodka, rum, and whiskey. Known as the pioneering proponent of bottled cocktails, Dogfish Head utilizes its own spirits to make popular canned cocktails such as Blueberry Shrub Vodka Sour, Cherry Bergamot Whiskey Sour, and Strawberry and Honeyberry Vodka Lemonade. Whether you are a beer geek or simply a curious adventurer, visiting Dogfish Head is a rite of passage that must be observed religiously. Get an up-close taste of their bold beverages and sample their food and hospitality offerings. Stop at their seafront Chesapeake & Maine restaurant and order any seasonal releases or beers with limited availability. The tour costs $20 per touring guest and is limited to 15 people per tour.

5. Stewart’s Brewing Company

  • 219 Governors Place, Governors Square

Stewart’s Brewing Company is a beautiful distillery located in New Castle County. The distillery uses locally sourced ingredients to produce small-batch spirits like rum, vodka, and moonshine. Visitors can additionally take guided tours to learn all about craft brewing and distilling processes. You can also sample their favorite brands and enjoy the welcoming atmosphere of their 150-seat full-service restaurant and pub. Stewart’s blends the Classic American pub with their brewery, wild game, and an array of exotic food to deliver an unmatched experience. Join their guided tours to see behind the scene distilling processes and sample award-winning beers. Tours are available Tuesday through Friday from noon.

6. Harvest Ridge Winery 

  • 447 Westville Road Marydel, DE 19964

Harvest Ridge Winery is a family-farm winery Nestled in the beautiful countryside of Delaware. It specializes in an array of custom labels, including the wildly popular Red 47, Blue Hen Blue, Peach Blossom, and BDX 2020, among many others. The distillery offers daily tours and wine tastings that give visitors a sneak peek into what it takes to produce their favorite wines. Furthermore, the distillery has an event space to allow guests to host meetings, parties, reunions, and weddings. 

FAQS About Delaware Distillery Experiences

What is the difference between a distillery and a craft distillery?

Craft distilling leverage local ingredients and production artistry to produce distinct beverages that separate them from traditional distillers. In the recent past, craft distilling has gained traction as more and more consumers are looking for unique craft spirits with a premium touch.

Do you tip at the distillery?

Apart from offering visitors a chance to sample their favorite drinks, distillery tasting rooms sell bottles. If you have no plans of purchasing any bottle, consider tipping your guide to show appreciation. 

What does ABV refer to?

ABV means alcohol by volume. It is a measure of the alcoholic strength of a beverage. Typically, ABV ratings are shown in percentages to indicate the amount of ethanol (alcohol) in a container.

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