15 Unmissable Dallas Distilleries You Should Check Out

15 Unmissable Dallas Distilleries You Should Check Out

Texas has a hot distillery scene! There are many great distilleries to check out if you are looking to tour the state of Texas distillery industry. We have compiled this list of 15 Dallas Distilleries that we think you need to visit, sit in the cocktail tasting room, buy a bottle, or take a distillery tour! Enjoy local, Texas spirits, responsibly!

Best Distilleries In Dallas

1. Duckworth Distillery

Named after H. E. Duckworth, also known as “Duck”, who was the grandfather of Lee Fuqua, a Dallas native, and wanted to put his experience in the winery industry to good use elsewhere, Duckworth Distillery is committed to creating some of the best spirits on the market.

Since then, Duckworth Distillery has gone on to produce some of the finest small batch vodka around, and have a range of different flavors available for you to choose from, so you certainly won’t get bored of the amazing tastes found throughout the spirits.

2. Deep Ellum Distillery

Being one of the founding members of Texas Whiskey Association, you can tell that Deep Ellum Distillery is truly dedicated to creating gorgeous whiskey (for more from Texas, check out 10 Highly Rated Distilleries In San Antonio Worth A Visit).

However, that isn’t the only thing they create, as they also have an incredible range of delicious fruit flavored vodkas, with flavors such as watermelon, blueberry, and lemon, it’s no surprise that they’ve won multiple awards since they first started in 2017.

They even have a tasting room too, so if you’re looking to sample some of the incredible spirits produced at Deep Ellum Distillery, all you need to do is book your spot!

3. New Artisan Distilling

Based on Chancelor Row in Dallas, New Artisan Distillery are home to a duo of incredible liquors, offering both their signature ROXOR botanical bourbon, as well as their incredible ROXOR artisan gin, however, that’s not all this amazing distillery has to offer.

If you’re looking for a way to get a glimpse at the behind the scenes action of a true, working distillery, then you can book a tour of the New Artisan Distillery, which will allow you to see the full process of distilling take place.

There’s also a tasting room too, so if you want to relax and sample what this distillery has to offer, then you can do so, fresh off of the production line!

4. Herman Marshall Whiskey

Seen as playing a huge role in the “renaissance of Texas whiskey”, Herman Marshall whiskey are an award winning and widely renowned distillery who produce a range of incredible whiskeys and bourbons, all made using AAA grain from the Texas panhandle, which ensures that the liquor they produce is high quality, and there distilling process is inherently unique as they utilize the Texan weather and a number of past techniques in order to create their incredible liquors (for more from Texas check out the best Dripping Springs Distilleries).

Unfortunately as they’re currently working on a new distillery, tours aren’t possible at this time, but you can still purchase their incredible products from their website if you want to give them a try!

5. BENDT Distilling Co

Focused on remaining as localized and community based as possible, BENDT’s goal is to produce great whiskey and bourbon without being pretentious or snobby. However, whiskey and bourbon isn’t all they produce, as they often produce experimental small batches of gin, brandy, rum, and even some vodka too.

If you’re looking to get a taste for BENDT’s incredible products, then you can book a tour and tasting session via their website, which will allow you to get a better understanding of what it is they do, as well as what the finished product tastes like, which certainly sounds like a good deal to us!

6. Firestone & Robertson Distilling Co

With their wholly unique bottle caps, Troy and Leonard’s distillery dreams came true after their obsession with old-fashioned distilling led them both to seek out help from a distillery to learn more about how they could set about creating their own incredible whiskey.

From there, they haven’t looked back, creating a delicious range of bourbons, cognacs, and whiskeys. Although their distillery in the Dallas/Fort Worth area isn’t open for public viewing, their new “Whiskey Ranch” based in Mississippi is, and is a whiskey lover’s paradise.

So, if you’re looking to indulge in a tour of a distillery and a tasting session, then why look elsewhere?

7. Silver Star Spirits

Made with Texas grains and even Texas rains, Silver Star Spirits are committed to creating some of the best spirits around, whether that’s whiskey, bourbon, or vodka. They even produce honey whiskey too, which is certainly worth trying if you’ve never had the chance to taste it before.

Their distillery, Trinity River Distillery, is also worth a visit too, and includes a tasting session for all four of their spirits, and it’s even bookable as a wedding venue too, which would be perfect for the liquor loving couple out there!

8. Southern Champion

8. Southern Champion

Since they first opened in 2010, Southern Champion have set out to create fun brands that provide high quality alcohol for everyone, no matter their personality, including the highly popular Buzzballz, which are 200ml ball shaped ready to drink cocktails with a variety of different flavors available.

But they also create the amazing Crooked Fox bourbon too.They’re also dedicated to operating sustainably too, which is good to know if you’re looking for a brand that not only tastes good, but is responsible too.

Unfortunately you’re unable to visit their distillery, however you can find their products in a variety of different stockists, so you should have no issue with finding some of their amazing products in a store near you!

9. Blackland Distillery

With decades of distilling experience in their distillery, Blackland Distillery are focused on producing premium quality whiskey, gin, bourbon and vodka, all of which are made using Texas grains.

Whilst they might not have the variety of flavors that some other small batch distilleries produce, their products are premium, and their quality speaks for itself.

Blackland Distillery also has its very own lounge and bar, allowing you to enjoy their products in a variety of different cocktails, using a range of fresh ingredients too, so if you want to enjoy their incredible liquors in a relaxing setting fresh from the production line, you should definitely consider paying the distillery a visit!

10. Belfour Spirits

With their grandparents being moonshiners back in the 1920s, Ed and Dayn Belfour were always destined to end up in the distillery industry, even with Ed’s legacy in hockey, and since 2014 they’ve been on a quest to develop and produce some of the best whiskey to come from Texas.

With rye, bourbon, and even Texas pecan bourbon all on offer on their list of products, their liqours are perfect for using in cocktails, so they’re definitely worth trying if you’re an avid cocktail drinker!

Unfortunately you’re unable to visit their distillery for a tour or tasting session, but there are a number of retailers that stock their products right across Dallas.

11. Lone Elm

Utilizing Texan rainwater as well as the Texan weather, Lone Elm (Five Point Distilling) have focused on creating incredible whiskey and vodka made using some of the best Texas grains available.

Their production process works by combining traditional methods with modern technology too, in order to produce the best quality liquor. You can even take a tour of their distillery room which is worth doing if you love whiskey!

12. Acre Distillery

Aiming to produce high quality small batch Texan spirits, since they initially started in 2015 they’ve gone on to become award winning producers of single malt whiskey, bourbon, gin, rum, liqueurs, and even cordials.

There are also weekly tours and tasting sessions too, and there is even a bar above the distillery that serves cocktails using some of their incredible products, which is a great way to taste their products!

13. Southwest Spirits

As the third-largest distiller in Texas, Southwest Spirits are industry leaders in their field, and produce spirits for Nue Vodka, Calamity Gin, Sixty Men Bourbon, and Henderson Whiskey, all of which have become award winning brands since their inception, all from the heart of Texas!

Unfortunately you can’t visit their production distillery, but you can find their products across a range of different stockists.

14. Suti Craft Distillery

If you’re a fan of Vietnamese spirits, or you’re at the very least intrigued by the thought of trying them, then paying a visit to the Suti Craft Distillery will definitely be worth it, as their distillery is the only place to buy their spirits!

15. Western Son Distillery

Producing a huge range of flavored vodkas and cocktails, this distillery is one of the best vodka producers around, and you can even pay them a visit on one of their tours too, so if you’re a fan of their delicious tasting vodkas, then you will definitely appreciate a visit to their amazing distillery.


We hope you’ve enjoyed our guide to some of the best distilleries in and around Dallas, and hopefully from this list you’ll be able to discover some great spirits and even some great tasting rooms that you can enjoy, whether you go with friends, or by yourself!


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