Visit The Rio Grande Distillery In Port Isobel, TX

There’s more to Texas than barbeque, ranches, and the Alamo. You’re in for a real treat in this ultimate guide to Rio Grande Distillery in Port Isobel, TX. The distillery owner’s history, moonshine education, and love for the Gulf Coast and southwestern culture make this establishment shine. The only best distillery in Port Isobel, the Rio Grande has had the honor of television features, publication write-ups, and raving reviews. Unfortunately, the Rio Grande isn’t the type of place for the best distillery tour, but it still gives guests a memorable experience. Learn more about this moonshine-focused operation serving tasty grub and mixed drinks with colorful titles.

Introducing The Rio Grande Distillery

When Master moonshine distiller Jerrod Leon Henry got his start, he was a young boy learning the ropes. After years of passion and dedication to developing quality moonshine, he was ready to carve his own path and build a distillery. Moonshine is the only spirit you’ll find at this best distillery in Port Isobel. And thanks to a trusty 120-gallon copper still, there’s a bit of magic in every bottle of hooch.

Distiller Jerrod Leon Henry infuses his handcrafted, signature moonshine with a hint of his roots, growing up in Arkansas and Missouri. As a lad, Henry learned the art of bootlegging hooch. After enough runs, he soon had enough knowledge to craft some kickass spirits. Rio Grande’s menu of moonshine and hearty sandwiches is a marriage of Appalachian traditions and Texas culture.

The drink menu is one of the first things that catch people’s eye. When you come to Rio Grande Distillery, you’re not drinking your great-granddaddy’s moonshine. There’s respect for the past and an embrace of modern flavors and fusion that is a labor of love. 

At Rio Grande, Henry offers traditional moonshine profiles and spirits with a tropical and south-of-the-border kick. You can’t only enjoy one type of moonshine whiskey, so order some samples. Prepare to start a party in your mouth and scoop up a bottle or two of one of the following flavors:

  • Apple Pie
  • Corn Likker
  • White Mule
  • Mango
  • Watermelon
  • Horchata

Outdoor seating is available, and the establishment is wheelchair accessible. Set aside an hour or two to enjoy your time at Rio Grande Distillery before heading out for other exciting things to do in Port Isobel, TX.

More About Port Isobel, TX

Port Isobel is one of the oldest towns in Texas. It has connections to Spanish explorers during the 1500s, the American Civil War, and other notable events. The modest locale of a little over 5,000 people has a historic lighthouse, unique shops, beautiful beaches, fishing, and excellent drinks. As a gem of the Gulf Coast, Port Isobel, TX, is yet another example of Texas’s diverse geographical features.

Come by the Rio Grande Distillery for quality moonshine and a bite to eat. Afterward, walk around the historic downtown area, visit museums, and learn about Port Isobel’s fascinating history. 

If you and your pals are looking for things to do in Port Isobel, grab some gear and go fishing along one of the piers or look out for dolphins at play in the water. Legend has it a pirate treasure may be buried around Port Isobel, so if you’re feeling adventurous, you might get lucky.

Where To Shop, Eat, And Play

Get a taste of the colorful side of Port Isobel, TX, when you travel to the Port Isobel Flea Market. Sign up for a cruise, take in breathtaking views, and stop by a spa to pamper yourself. Check out Tesori, Mercado Faro, and other shops around Lighthouse Square.

If you have a craving for fresh seafood, stop by Marcello’s Ocean Grille & Spirits, Joe’s Oyster Bar, or Dirty Al’s Pelican Station. Some restaurants might be open to cooking your catch of the day if you went fishing earlier. Just ask.

Take a stroll and relax in Arturo Galvan Coastal Park. Rent a boat for the day and enjoy time on the open water. Or discover more about Port Isobel’s past at local historical sites.

Where To Stay The Night

When you plan to travel to Port Isobel, TX, to visit the best distillery, Rio Grande, you can’t only plan to stay one day. If you want to immerse yourself in this gorgeous coastal region, you need a few days to a week. Take a note from our ultimate guide to Rio Grande Distillery and Port Isobel, TX. Make reservations at Isla Grand Beach Resort or Coco Beach Hotel On The Beach. 

Other popular stays with travelers include the White Sands Motel and Casa Rosa Inn. Vacation rentals are also another option. The city of Port Isobel is small enough that you could travel from end to end in about 40 minutes. If you are looking for low-key things to do in Port Isobel, sightseeing and people-watching from afar are always an option. Buses and taxis are available to get around, or you can walk or bike on nearby trails.

FAQ About The Rio Grande Distillery

Can dogs visit the distillery?

Yes. The owner is okay with your furry, four-legged companions stopping by for a visit. Relax as you take a sip of the delicious moonshine and stick to water for Fido.

What are the operating hours?

Stop by the Rio Grande from 11 am until 9 pm, Monday through Thursday. Friday and Saturday, they’re open from 11 am until it’s time to shut down the party. On Sunday, guests are welcome from 12:30 pm until 7 pm.

Can I take a tour?

The Rio Grande Distillery is more of a place to order refreshing mixed drinks and cocktails or expertly crafted moonshine. Pull up a seat to dive into a mouth-watering pulled pork sandwich, chips and salsa, or delectable homemade pickles. You are welcome to eat at the distillery or take your order to go. Ask the management/owner if having a private best distillery tour for a behind-the-scenes look is okay.

Finest Moonshine In Port Isobel, TX

Although the Rio Grande Distillery isn’t one of those typical places that focus on offering the best distillery tour, its alcoholic beverages are second to none in Port Isobel, Texas. Tastings of the various moonshine are available for purchase for guests. The Rio Grande gives guests a memorable experience, serving drinks served in Mason jars and excellent sandwiches and snacks. Stop by for a mixed drink or grab a bottle of traditional or not-so-traditional moonshines. If you loved this ultimate guide to Jerrod Henry’s Rio Grande, check out Distillery Nearby for more adventures in liquors and spirits.

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