What Is Gin And Juice?

What Is Gin And Juice?

No matter if you’ve been to a party recently, a bar, or even a cafe, you will have heard someone order a gin and juice or may have seen this fruity drink show up on the menu. 

This cocktail is extremely popular due to the sheer amount of flavors it brings together to create a drink that is both delicious and incredibly easy to make.

This beverage also holds quite a fascinating place within popular culture which has allowed it to only grow in popularity with each passing year. 

But what exactly is gin and juice and why is it such a beloved drink? Keep reading as we discuss how this cocktail is made, and why it has remained popular for so many years. 

How Is Gin And Juice Made?

Gin and juice is a sweet and vibrant cocktail that is a mixture of exactly what it sounds like, a dash of gin and a juice of your choosing.

The juice used in this fruity cocktail is entirely up to the person making it, however, a few popular examples include orange, mango, pineapple and apple juices. 

As for the gin, many people prefer to go with dry gin since the drink is usually topped up with some syrup and other sweeteners to give it enough flavor, with that being said though if you did want to add as much of that rich and fruity taste to the drink as possible, you could just as easily use a soft gin.

To add a final hint of sweetness to this exotic cocktail, many people will garnish it with either an orange peel, grapefruit wedge, or lime to allow the mixture of flavors to stand out as much as possible by adding an extra dose of sweetness to the overall taste.

It should be noted that if you’re using orange juice, because of how sweet it already is, it’s unlikely you will need to add any more sweeteners. This also applies to any of the fruit juices which are on the sweeter side such as strawberry juice. 

Don’t forget to also mix in some ice which can help make gin and juice even more refreshing and a real treat to sip on and enjoy when the temperatures begin to spike outside (see also ‘How Many Carbs In Gin?‘). 

How Does Gin And Juice Taste?

The fruitiness of the juice overrides the gin slightly in this cocktail, making it a lot easier to drink while still giving you that strong aroma and slightly citrusy taste that gin is so well loved for. 

The combination of gin and juice is therefore very exotic, upbeat, and refreshing, and depending on the type of flavors of the gin and juice that you use, you can make the drink taste a little more sour, bitter and even spicy depending on your preference. 

The colorful and exciting flavor provided by gin and juice makes it suitable for the warmer months while also being a very popular option for celebrations such as dinner parties or a wedding. 

What Is Gin And Juice?

Why Has Gin And Juice Remained So Popular?

One reason gin and juice has been hailed as one of the very best summer cocktails for so many years is because of just how customizable it is.

Some cocktails can be quite strict in how they are made which can easily turn people off, for example while many people like rum and coke, if you’re not a fan of either ingredient, then it can immediately make it a lot less appetizing.

Because of just how many variations of gin there are, along with a tremendous number of juices to choose from, you can create a gin and cocktail just the way you would like it.

When ordering a gin and juice from a cafe or bar, you will often be asked what combination of the two you want to use which makes you feel a lot more in control over what you’re drinking, which is part of the reason it has remained so popular. 

The other reason is because of how much it is mentioned in popular culture, especially in music. The cocktail reached a whole new level of popularity when rapper Snoop Dogg released a song in 1993 titled “Gin and Juice” which even today is his most streamed song.

Many other popular music artists from Katy Perry to Madonna have also mentioned the popular cocktail in many of their songs, giving it a lot more exposure and convincing people to try it out for themselves. 

Can You Avoid A Hangover By Drinking Gin And Juice?

Many people will argue that one of the biggest reasons gin and juice is superior over other fruity cocktails is that it makes it much easier to get up without feeling hungover or ill the next day, and while drinking enough of any alcoholic drink will have you feeling a little less energetic in the morning, there is some semblance of truth to this belief. 

This is because gin is a clear spirit and is therefore very low in congeners which are minor compounds that contribute to how we feel the next day, depending on how much of it we consume.

This is similar to a few other colorless drinks including sake and rum which are less likely to have you feeling hungover.

For many people, this is the reason they will decide to stir up a gin and juice cocktail over brandy or red wine for example which are all much higher in congeners in comparison and more likely to give you a bad headache once the buzz wears off (see also ‘Does Gin Go Bad?‘).


The fruity and delicious cocktail known as gin and juice has remained one of the most popular summer cocktails for many years at this point thanks to the fact that you can switch the ingredients of this drink around to create your own preferred flavor, and because of its relevance within popular culture and media. 

Whether you’re a fan of a cocktail that’s a little on the sweeter and fruitier side, or something a little milder but still juicy in its flavor, you can’t go wrong with a classic glass of gin and juice.

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