Why the Cooperstown Beverage Trail Is Such an Iconic Gem

Cooperstown, a charming village located in central New York, is well known for its rich history, picturesque scenery, and its famous National Baseball Hall of Fame. However, what many visitors may not know is that Cooperstown is also home to an iconic gem that is sure to excite any food and beverage enthusiast: the Cooperstown Beverage Trail.

The Cooperstown Beverage Trail consists of a group of small, locally-owned businesses that are dedicated to producing high-quality craft beverages. These establishments include breweries, wineries, distilleries, and even a cider mill.

Why You Should Add Cooperstown Beverage Trail to Your Must-Visit List

So, what makes the Cooperstown Beverage Trail so special? For starters, the trail provides a unique and authentic experience for visitors to the area. Each establishment on the trail is unique, offering visitors a taste of something different and exciting. From the traditional brewing methods used at the Cooperstown Brewing Company to the award-winning wines at the Fly Creek Cider Mill & Orchard, there is something for everyone on the trail.

The Cooperstown Beverage Trail also offers visitors the opportunity to meet the people behind the craft. Many of the businesses on the trail are family-owned and operated, and the owners are often on-site to share their passion and knowledge with visitors. This personal touch adds a level of authenticity and warmth to the experience that cannot be found at larger commercial operations.

Another reason why the Cooperstown Beverage Trail is so iconic is because it celebrates the rich agricultural heritage of the region. Many of the establishments on the trail source their ingredients locally, using the fertile soil and temperate climate of central New York to produce high-quality beverages. This connection to the land and the community is an important part of the trail’s identity, and it is something that visitors can taste in every sip. Let’s hit the trial and take a closer look at some of locations on the Cooperstown Beverage Trail.

Cooperstown Brewing Co.

Cooperstown Brewing Company was founded in 1995 on the former site of Haight Cheese Company. Combining a love of baseball and brewing, their 20-barrel system is known for traditional brewing methods. In 2014, ownership changed to Northern Eagle Beverages, Inc., and their lineup now includes a variety of brews and Pop Fly soda. Don’t miss a visit on the Cooperstown Beverage Trail or hanging out with friends and family. Cheers!

Brewery Ommegang

At the Brewery Ommegang, beer lovers can revel in the 32 draft lines, cozy indoor seating for 200, a dedicated tasting room, and a well-stocked store. Their hospitable staff is knowledgeable about our beers and dedicated to customer service. Whether you’re seeking advice on beer pairings with our food or just need a friendly face at the bar, we’re here to help. Don’t miss our exciting events, merchandise, concerts, and cider and beer selection, available all year round.

Montezuma Winery

Montezuma Winery is a must-visit destination for wine and spirits enthusiasts. This winery offers a vast array of high-quality wines, each with its unique taste and character. Along with wines, Montezuma Winery also features artisanal, hand-crafted spirits from Hidden Marsh Distillery, which is located on the same property. This distillery uses locally-sourced ingredients to create a range of spirits, including vodka, gin, brandy, and more. Visitors can take a wonderfully guided tour of the distillery, participate in a tasting, and even purchase a bottle to take home. Whether you are a wine lover or a spirits enthusiast, Montezuma Winery has something for everyone.

Pail Shop Vineyards

Pail Shop Vineyards is a charming winery and tasting room located in Fly Creek Valley. Our converted barn offers a picturesque view of the hills and a cozy ambiance. We produce small-batch wines using grapes sourced from the best regions in New York. Our wines, which include whites, reds, and rosés, range from dry to sweet. We also make our popular Painted Pail Red sangria by the bucketful. Guests are welcome to relax on our 40-acre grounds, hillside vineyard, and by the pond in Adirondack chairs, while enjoying a glass of wine or a picnic.

Fly Creek Cider Mill

Fly Creek Cider Mill & Orchard, a historic water-powered mill in Central New York, has been pressing fresh, sweet cider for 166 years. The Mill Store Marketplace offers more than 150 specialty food products, including apple salsa, hot sauce, and Mill-made fudge. The renovated Mill now features an expanded second-story cider-making area with a prime viewing area in the new Learning Center. The Mill’s Farm Winery creates Apple Wines and Hard Ciders made from 100% New York State Grown Apples. Taste them all in the Marketplace. Discover something new at the Mill, whether you’re a local or visitor.

Honeypot Farms Meadery

Located in Central New York’s Leatherstocking Region, just 15 miles from Cooperstown, Honeypot Farms Meadery is an artisanal meadery producing high-quality, all-natural mead and honey products in small batches. Our distinctive and bold flavors are a must-try for anyone visiting the region. As part of the Otsego County Tasting Trail, we’re conveniently located near many great breweries and wineries. Take a ride out and explore the region’s vibrant beverage scene.


What is The Cooperstown Beverage Trail?

The Cooperstown Beverage Trail is a collection of beverage producers located in and around Cooperstown, New York. The trail includes breweries, wineries, cideries, and distilleries that offer tastings, tours, and unique experiences.

How do I visit The Cooperstown Beverage Trail?

Visitors can explore The Cooperstown Beverage Trail by following the map and visiting each of the participating beverage producers. Most locations offer tastings and tours, and some offer food pairings or live music events. Visitors can also book a tour with a local tour company for a guided experience.

What are some of the highlights of The Cooperstown Beverage Trail?

The Cooperstown Beverage Trail offers a variety of unique experiences. These include tastings of locally brewed beers, ciders, and wines, tours of working breweries and distilleries, and opportunities to meet the makers and learn about their craft. Some locations offer outdoor seating areas with scenic views, while others have on-site restaurants serving delicious food to pair with their beverages.

Visit this Iconic Gem

The Cooperstown Beverage Trail is an iconic gem should be a must-see by anyone visiting the area. With its unique and authentic experiences, personal touch, and celebration of the region’s agricultural heritage, the trail is a must-visit destination for any food and beverage enthusiast. So, come and explore the trail for yourself and taste the flavors that make central New York so special.

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