Why You Need to Visit the Urban Bourbon Trail This Year

Discover the perfect way to spend a day in Kentucky’s Bourbon Country with Louisville’s Urban Bourbon Trail. This hand-picked selection of local bars and restaurants complements a day of touring distilleries with some of the city’s largest collections of Bourbon, knowledgeable staff, and even Bourbon-infused cuisine.

Explore the list to find the finest Bourbon cocktail and culinary experiences in the city or visit at least six participating locations to earn an official Urban Bourbon Trailblazer t-shirt, redeemable at the Louisville Visitors Center. From historic hotels to trendy urban hotspots, all stops offer bourbon flights, unique cocktails, and an extensive selection of over 60 different bourbons, with staff trained to explain the nuances and tasting notes of each one. Don’t miss out on experiencing Louisville’s top Bourbon bars and award-winning culinary scene! Let’s explore a handful of the numerous stops on the Urban Bourbon Trail.

21st In Germantown

Since 1887, Louisville’s oldest continuously operating tavern has been serving up an extensive menu of bourbon, beer, and cocktails. Additionally, they offer delicious upscale casual food options and live entertainment.

What’s Included: BOGO Appetizer

8UP Elevated Drinkery & Kitchen

Set in a bustling entertainment district, 8up Elevated Drinkery & Kitchen, located in downtown Louisville, boasts a rooftop restaurant that offers an array of eclectic dining and drinking experiences. Guests can choose from three distinct atmospheres, including the open-kitchen restaurant, a swanky lounge, and a rooftop bar and event space.

The restaurant prides itself on offering a menu of creative American cuisine with a local twist, paired with hand-crafted cocktails that perfectly complement the flavors of the dishes. As guests indulge in their meals, they can also enjoy stunning views of the city, creating an unparalleled dining experience.

No matter the occasion, whether it be a lively party, dinner with friends, or a casual after-work drink, 8up Elevated Drinkery & Kitchen offers an elevated ambiance that embodies the spirit of Louisville.

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Brendon’s Catch 23

Brendon’s Catch 23 has earned a reputation as a “Seafood Paradise,” with its exquisite selection of the freshest ocean delicacies. The restaurant is a top destination for discerning diners seeking a premier culinary experience, driven by talented chefs who are passionate about seafood.

At Brendon’s Catch 23, the seafood is flown in daily and expertly prepared by the restaurant’s skilled chefs. Also, the menu features responsibly-sourced, wild-caught seafood and shellfish, including Alaskan King Crab, Jumbo Lobsters, and freshly-shucked Oysters, all served on ice.

In addition to its exceptional seafood offerings, Brendon’s Catch 23 also offers an extensive selection of classic as well as unique inspired side dishes and appetizers. Diners can indulge in Mac & Cheese, Asparagus, Fries, and the much-coveted Seafood towers, ensuring that every craving is satisfied.

Whether looking for a romantic evening out or a memorable dining experience with friends and family, Brendon’s Catch 23 is the perfect destination for seafood lovers seeking an unparalleled culinary adventure.

Bristol Bar & Grille Downtown

The Bristol’s Executive Bourbon Stewards have curated an extensive Bourbon list, featuring bourbons from various distilleries, along with their known mash bills, age statements, and proofs. This level of detail, combined with the staff’s passion and knowledge, creates an unparalleled Kentucky Bourbon experience.

As the recipient of numerous “Best of Louisville” awards, the Bristol is a local favorite. In addition, the menu boasts an assortment of dishes that showcase the region’s local farmers, including aged choice steaks, gourmet burgers, pasta, fresh seafood, salads, sandwiches, and appetizers like the signature Green Chili Wontons served with guacamole.

In addition to its impressive Bourbon list, the Bristol also offers an award-winning wine list and an extensive beer selection, featuring local breweries. With its commitment to showcasing the best of Kentucky’s culinary and beverage offerings, the Bristol is a must-visit destination for foodies and drink enthusiasts alike.

Charr’d Bourbon Kitchen & Lounge

Charr’d is a restaurant that takes inspiration from bourbon in every aspect, from its cuisine to its decor. Additionally, the restaurant showcases local and regional ingredients sourced from Bourbon Country, which are expertly prepared and presented in a space that is thoughtfully designed to reflect the essence of bourbon barrels and limestone.

The decor of Charr’d is a stunning visual representation of the spirit of bourbon, with its warm and inviting ambiance. Moreover, the space is beautifully curated, featuring elements that evoke the look and feel of bourbon barrels and limestone, providing an immersive dining experience.

Diners at Charr’d can expect to savor the flavors of Bourbon Country, with the restaurant’s expert chefs using local and regional ingredients to create dishes that are both inventive and delicious. Whether you’re a bourbon enthusiast or simply looking for an exceptional dining experience, Charr’d is the perfect destination.

Corner Flavors of Kentucky

Corner offers modern Southern fare with local twists on classic recipes. Located on the corner of 1st and Main St. on historic Whiskey Row, it’s the perfect destination for an after-work happy hour, a taste of Kentucky’s local flavors, or a pre-game gathering spot in downtown Louisville.


What is the Urban Bourbon Trail?

The Urban Bourbon Trail is a self-guided tour of bars and restaurants in Louisville, Kentucky, that offer a wide selection of bourbons and bourbon-inspired dishes.

How long does it take to complete the Urban Bourbon Trail?

Time to complete the Urban Bourbon Trail depends on the individual’s pace and how many stops they choose to make. However, it typically takes a few days to complete the trail.

Do I need to be a bourbon expert to enjoy the Urban Bourbon Trail?

No, you do not need to be a bourbon expert to enjoy the Urban Bourbon Trail. The trail is designed to be accessible and enjoyable for all levels of bourbon knowledge, and there are plenty of options for non-bourbon drinkers as well.

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